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7 Awesome Personality Traits to Be a Better Person

7 Awesome Personality Traits to Be a Better Person

Personal development is the process of developing oneself and his or her ability to develop other individuals, whether it is personal, professional, economic, social, biological, or spiritual. Want to know the seven personality traits that help you be a better person? Read on!   Humility Most people view humility as an act of weakness. However, …

smarter investing tips
Personal Finance

Smarter Investing: How and What to Spend Your Money On

So let’s learn how and where to spend your salary to become wealthy. We will go deep into the topics of smarter investing and personal finances however let’s first build the foundation. You must clearly understand two concepts, that is Assets and Liabilities to understand investment as a whole. Assets Assets can be defined as …

What not to say to people with food allergies

Things You Should Never Say to a Person With Food Allergies

About 5 years ago, I discovered that I have food allergies. It sucks, however it’s now a part of my life. I can tell when I eat foods I’m not supposed to, even when I get ’poisoned’ by accidental ingestion of something. Symptoms range from itchy/runny nose, itchy throat, phlegm, stomachache, headache, fatigue – or …

Guide to foreign exchange market
Personal Finance

Foreign Exchange Market: What It Is and How It Works

Many people new in investing, and even seasoned investors, often overlook the area of investing, known as foreign exchange. In this article, I take you through what it is, and how foreign exchange works. What is foreign exchange? Foreign exchange involves the trade of one currency for another. The foreign exchange market is different from …

Cleaning hacks for Australian homes
Home & Garden

Cleaning Hacks to Clean Your Australian Home Fast

Cleaning professionals are always looking for products and cleaning hacks to get the job done faster better and easier. Regardless if it is a five bedroom large home, or a small apartment, the same cleaning needs doing, just at a different scale. I believe one of the unsung heroes in the cleaning world is the …