Guide to Electric Height Adjustable Sit and Stand Desks

Some people want to sit at a desk all day, but are not comfortable doing that. They can’t get in shape, for example. Or perhaps they have a disability such as arthritis. So height adjustable sit and stand desks were invented so you can do your work from a comfortable position, without having to get out of your chair all the time.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of standing desks;

  • there’s the traditional or fixed standing desk
  • there’s the adjustable height standing desk

A study done by Cornell University on the topic of ergonomics the study concludes the following points;

You shouldn’t sit all day. Sitting for more than one hour at a time leads to fat buildup and is related to heart disease risks. Sitting for 8+ hours a day for years is extremely unhealthy

You shouldn’t stand all day either. Extensive standing increases the risk of varicose veins and is harder on the circulatory system especially for the legs and feet. Standing at work makes us about 20 percent more fatigued than we would otherwise be and it also decreases our ability to perform tasks that require fine motor skills.

There is a recommended balance. The pattern is swapping every few hours between sitting and standing.

Footwear matters. Wear comfortable shoes if you can choose shoes that are supportive and that won’t bother you after several intervals of standing. If wearing comfortable shoes isn’t an option, then don’t wear shoes while standing. When you’ve got a good mat, being barefoot or just in your socks is actually really comfortable.

Some people find that there are lots of benefits of standing desks. These desks are great when you’re walking in the park or just need to be close to your desk (but not too close). But if you are someone who is used to sitting their whole day there and then climbing up the stairs then that’s not going to be such a good idea.

Height adjustable sit and stand desks are intended as a solution for office workers who were uncomfortable with sitting at a desk all day because they were afraid of back or ergonomic damage, and they also didn’t have time for exercise.

Since then, we have seen the benefits of an electric desk in other settings too:

  • People who need repositioning every few hours (or days) may find it easy and convenient when moving around at work
  • Those who need help with their computer screen may like the idea of being able to stand at their computer without adjusting their position
  • People with mobility issues may prefer using one of these desks

Using height adjustable sit and stand desks is actually pretty easy:

  • Sit and stand desks are easily repositioned around the office
  • You can set the height to fit exactly just how tall you want the desk to be
  • You can adjust the height  during the day, and spend some time standing then sitting then standing again

See the Australian made UpDown Desk range of sit and standing desks in the image below.

UpDown sit and stand desk
UpDown sit and stand desk (Source)

Benefits of using height adjustable sit and stand desks

Standing desks have been around for a long time, but they are still mostly confined to the office or home. It was only recently that we began hearing about standing desks for office use. But now there are a multitude of options and we can’t choose just one. So, we made one for you!

We researched the market (and discovered that there wasn’t much research on this) and looked at different styles, models and brands. We then wrote this post to give you more info on what makes a good stand up desk.

Perfect for those who want to change positions throughout their day

If you want to work standing up but still get your work done, a standing desk is a good option. They’re perfect for people who need to work standing up throughout the day. There are lots of different models of standing desks, and you can find them in many different price ranges.

The most basic model is where you sit at a desk and adjust the height between 5 inches and 15 inches (or whatever your height is).

Offices are starting to use electric standing desks more frequently

A few months ago, we wrote about the benefits of using an electric sit and stand desk. We were surprised to see how many people responded that they’d been using one for some time (we hadn’t expected so many!) and that it worked very well.

That was of course one possible outcome. But what if you can’t afford an electric sit and stand desk? In that case, there are other options in terms of how you can use a standing desk. You may be able to use a pedestal computer at your desk, which is often better than a standing desk unless you want it above your head all day long (or you spend a lot of time sitting up straight.)

You’ll find height adjustable sit and stand desks in a variety of colours and styles

If you feel like the “just right” desk is not going to be the right one, then you should definitely consider one of these.

Improve your office space and health

The trend of office furniture and workspace design is moving away from traditional desks, which are generally rectangular shaped, to height adjustable sit and stand desks. The reason behind this trend is not only the fact that they are more comfortable, but also because they offer additional benefits.

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