Your Money Saving Guide: Fantastic Ways to Save Money Easily

Let’s give you some personal money saving tips…why? Because these should be the easiest tips to implement. If you can make the changes yourself, and it isn’t too much effort, it will be easy to stick to.

Saving money on yourself becomes a lot easier, when you don’t have to make major changes to your lifestyle. Listed below are various ways to save money easily for yourself and your family, and at home, with minimal discomfort or change. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Write down all of the cheap/free activities you can do at home or near home: Get the family together and write down all of the things you like to do that don’t cost much money. It could be walking in the park, playing in the park, fishing, cycling etc. Massages with your partner may take up the first 5 on the list! Every time you are bored or looking for something to do, refer to the list.

Tip 2: Defrost food overnight in the refrigerator: Rather than using the microwave to defrost food, use the refrigerator. You are already paying for the power so you might as well take advantage of it.

Tip 3: Quit the cigarettes: We all know that smoking is addictive and that it can be hard to break, however there are huge health and financial benefits if you do. Depending on where you live, and how much you smoke, you could be spending up to $2000 a year!

Think of the huge savings you can make by cutting back or quitting completely. This is probably the most important of the lot if you’re a smoker, however we’re not telling you something you didn’t already know. However believe me this will be the best thing you ever do.

Tip 4: Find parents to share the baby sitting with: Share babysitting services with your friends and neighbours (those you trust of course!) If you enjoy one night out a month you will save yourself $40 in babysitting fees. There are babysitting clubs on the internet, be cautious as always though.

Tip 5: Set up a running or sport group with your friends and neighbours: It is cheap, it’s a great way to stay fit, and catch up socially. If you meet once a week you could arrange to have snacks or drinks afterwards at someone’s house. Burgers and coke would kind of defeat the purpose though.

Tip 6: Finish all food and house hold products before buying used ones: Do you have a bathroom full of almost empty shampoo containers. Make sure you get every last ounce of product out of containers before you buy new ones. You will save money, have less clutter and know that you are helping the environment.

Tip 7: Eat breakfast every day: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and will help to keep you healthy and happy. It also helps to reduce the number of snacks that you buy during the day. Porridge is a good one that keeps giving out energy well into the morning.

Tip 8: Limit your alcohol: Alcohol in most countries is heavily taxed. Do yourself and your body a favour and cut back on the amount you drink. Limit yourself to three or four times at week at the most. If you are an average drinker you could save yourself up to $50 a month. You’re better off without it, however the odd session waking up in the open countryside, not knowing where you are never hurt anyone…much!.

Tip 9: Use a Handkerchief instead of tissues: Unless you have a really bad cold or flu the old Hankie will do the job. You will be saving money and also helping the environment as well.

Tip 10: Here’s one of the weirder ways to save money easily. Clean out the lint in your clothes dryer after every load: The build up of lint makes your clothes dryer have to work harder and your clothes take longer to dry. If you clean out the lint filter after every load you will save money on electricity.

Tip 11: How many cleaning products do you need? You probably have hundreds of household cleaners. The truth is you don’t need that many. Jiff, Windex, a sponge and possible some type of oven cleaner should be all you need.

Tip 12: Read magazines online: How much of a magazine to do you actual look at? My guess is it is just the main articles, not the pages of advertising that are included within it. Instead of buying your magazines why not look at them online. The major stories will be there. Do this and you will save around $10 for each magazine. Watch this space though as more magazines and newspapers start charging for on line content.

Tip 13: Increase the length of your eyebrow wax: Plucking at home in between salon visits will increase the length of waxing. If you don’t mind a bit of pain then consider plucking all the time.

Tip 14: Colour your own hair or do your own highlights: With some practice you can easily colour or highlight your own, or your family’s hair. Do this and you stand to save several hundred a year.

Tip 15: Limit your number of baths to once a week: Baths use more water than showers so help your pocket and the environment by limiting the number of baths that you take. When we say this we mean you have to substitute for showers.

Tip 16: Another one of the great ways to save money easily, is to make your own cleaning products: Did you know that you can use normal household products as cleaning products? Vinegar is your friend: Seriously…you can use it to clean just about any thing, including benches and baths.

Tip 17: Cut your Family’s hair: This is a really easy tip, particularly for men, who often just shave their head or have a simple hair style. Ok I can hear you now wailing about your bowl cut that mum used to give you on Sunday night, so that you’d be dreading the next day at school. Get over it, bowl cuts are so 2009. Only joking, bowl cuts will only ever be cool for monks. However practice will make you better.

Tip 18: Play board games or game consoles as a great night in: Monopoly is still a great game. Enjoy it with the company of your family or a few friends, and it will be a cheap evening’s entertainment. Though spirits can be dampened when little Johnny gets browned off he’s losing and packs a sad.

Tip 19: Cancel your health club membership: Most people purchase health club memberships in the New Year and stop using them by February. There are so many places to exercise, you are better off walking with friends, doing push up and sit ups or running through obstacle courses or even playgrounds at schools. You can even make it a New Years resolution with your friends. Try building walking into your everyday routine such as walking to work or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Tip 20: Make your own high quality coffee at home: Invest in a cheap coffee machine or buy good quality coffee, and bring it with you. You will save hundreds of dollars over the year on bought coffee.

Tip 21: Grow your natural nails: Acrylic nails can cost you a heap of money over the course of a year. Grow your own natural nails and then look after them. Definitely a better option.

Tip 22: Do pedicures and manicures at home: It’s cheaper and you can go at your own pace.

Tip 23: Iron your own clothes: The average cost of having a shirt pressed is $3 and for trousers $5. If you press five shirts and one pair of trousers a week you will be spending $20 a week. Ironing is easy and you can do it while watching television. Do this and you will save $80 a month.

Tip 24: Use toilet tissue instead of tissues: Let’s face it they both feel the same and look almost the same. The only real difference you will notice is in your hip pocket. BTW toilet tissue still fits inside a normal tissue box cover, so you can still make it look ok in your lounge room or kitchen.

Tip 25: Use tea-towels instead of paper towels to clean: Again as with the tip above you will be saving money and also helping the environment…win win! Better still just let the dishes air dry.

Tip 26: Have a “spend no money” weekend: Often we need a few days break from a routine to get our spending under control. Have a weekend where you spend no money at all. Do some gardening, go for a walk, go to the park and cook nice dinners as well as watch Netflix and have some wine that is always at home. You will be amazed at how relaxed you will feel.

Learn ways to save money easily

Once you start using some of the above methods, you’ll find plenty of other ways to save money easily, and you’ll enjoy the process and the financial rewards. Good luck!

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