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advice to a first time mother

10 Important Tips and Advice to a First Time Mother

You just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations! Here’s my advice to a first time mother. If you expect to have morning sickness, you’ll have it. The mind is a powerful thing and it will absolutely send your body into spontaneous gagging and bouts of nausea. Try not to anticipate it; it may find you anyhow, …

What not to say to people with food allergies

Things You Should Never Say to a Person With Food Allergies

About 5 years ago, I discovered that I have food allergies. It sucks, however it’s now a part of my life. I can tell when I eat foods I’m not supposed to, even when I get ’poisoned’ by accidental ingestion of something. Symptoms range from itchy/runny nose, itchy throat, phlegm, stomachache, headache, fatigue – or …

Creative classroom furniture

21st Century Furniture for Creative Classrooms

Just as we are shifting towards widespread adoption of a modern learning curriculum, classrooms are embedded with technical inputs. It’s no surprise considering there is a fundamental shift of orientation that makes newly built classrooms a class apart. The way we have seen classrooms in our childhood is very different from the perspective of today. …

Litigation lawyers in Australia

Responsibilities of a Litigation Lawyer in Australia and What They Do

Litigation attorneys, otherwise called litigators or trial legal advisors, represent offended parties and litigants in common lawsuits. They deal with all periods of the litigation from the examination, pleadings, and revelation through the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes. Litigation attorneys in a plaintiff’s case regularly lead an underlying case examination to decide whether enough …

Ways to help Australian small business

5 Ways to Help Australian Small Businesses During COVID-19

We’re acutely aware that the current virus crisis is having a massive effect on our local retailers and hospitality. Cafes are empty, shops are quiet and cinemas are ghost towns. We need to all do what we can to support those hard working small businesses, who need our custom to feed their own families. The …


Were Australian Aboriginals the First Explorers?

Around 50,000 years ago, a small band of humans landed in northern Australia, arriving on a primitive boat or raft. It is likely that the journey was planned because enough men and women arrived to found a new population there. Perhaps guided by rivers, the group ventured deeper inland, where they found giant mammals, birds, …