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smarter investing tips
Personal Finance

Smarter Investing: How and What to Spend Your Money On

So let’s learn how and where to spend your salary to become wealthy. We will go deep into the topics of smarter investing and personal finances however let’s first build the foundation. You must clearly understand two concepts, that is Assets and Liabilities to understand investment as a whole. Assets Assets can be defined as …

survive a financial disaster
Personal Finance

8 Proven Ways for You to Survive a Financial Disaster

Even though you thought you were prepared, financial disaster struck. You were wiped out…all your money gone…your plans put on hold, perhaps indefinitely. What are you supposed to do now? How do you survive a financial disaster and start over again? Your finances may not be that bad, but economic woes are commonplace nowadays. Who …

Guide to foreign exchange market
Personal Finance

Foreign Exchange Market: What It Is and How It Works

Many people new in investing, and even seasoned investors, often overlook the area of investing, known as foreign exchange. In this article, I take you through what it is, and how foreign exchange works. What is foreign exchange? Foreign exchange involves the trade of one currency for another. The foreign exchange market is different from …

personal finance as a couple
Personal Finance

How to Deal With Personal Finance As A Couple

Money can be a sticky area for a lot of couples. Most people don’t want to discuss money because they think it will lead to arguments. If you are about to get married, it is important that you have serious discussions about money before tying the knot. There’s a reason they say that personal finance …

Dual Occupancy Home Melbourne
Lifestyle, Personal Finance

Should You Invest In A Dual Occupancy Home In Melbourne?

For a long time now, the concept of dual occupancy properties has become well-known due to various reasons. Dual occupancy homes are cleverly designed to make the maximum utilisation out of the available area. Dual occupancies have a unique design. Two dwellings are constructed on the same land. These may be attached or detached. So …

Invest in real estate
Personal Finance

Expert Tips on How to Invest in Real Estate

The truth is, if done correctly, owning rental properties can be a fantastic way to receive passive income every single month. You can build true wealth and retire early, however on the flip side you have done wrong they can turn into an ugly little monster to suck your time energy and money from you …