About Us

We believe that every person has a story

We write and produce thoughtful articles for a broad audience of intelligent Australian adults, who prefer diversity in their reading habits. To that aim, we offer publishing opportunities for talented existing writers as well as beginner writers, who are looking for opportunities to start their writing careers.

Since launching in September 2019, we have published a wide range of voices from across Australia on various topics, including lifestyle, exercise, business and more. In doing so, we have grown a significant audience in Australia and beyond.

Write for us

Feel that you have a story to share? Please see our write for us page, for further details on how to pitch your article.

Marketing opportunities

We partner with progressive brands in various ways to maximise their opportunities to reach our audience. This includes display advertising, giveaways, reviews and promoted content. 

To discuss how we can work together, please email us via publshdteam at gmail dot com