Tiny House Plans: Small Can Be Beautiful

Small houses are easier to build and maintain and with tiny house plans you will have a better chance of getting what you want for your home. They are attractive, compact and offer quality life to its inhabitants.

Do not get fooled by the idea that only bigger houses can provide you and your family with greater happiness. How you allocate the small space for different purposes determines largely, the kind of life you may have in the house.

Good tiny house plans are integral to building a quality house. An efficient plan should combine comfort, style and optimal use of the space available. If you decide to build a small house, the plan should additionally aim at making the space appear larger than it actually is. Select from a multitude of tiny house plans which are tailor-made for smaller floor area.

It might sound like an oxymoron however good tiny house plans do offer you a lot of space. Well, these houses provide you ‘utility oriented space’. You would not find gaping corners or useless areas, which serve no purpose however demand equal attention.

Benefits of tiny house plans

The other pluses that tiny house plans provide are:

Low expenses

Small houses enable you to spend less money on power bills. The lighting can be adjusted in such a way that all your space will be covered under minimum possible number of lights. Be it summers or winters, you will not have to spend more on the heating or cooling of the house.

You can save on your water and cleaning expenses as well. Your house will have less space to clean and hence you save substantially on water. Tiny house plans specifically focus on saving energy.

Ensure more time for yourself and family

Large houses require you to spend time on them. It could be cleaning, dusting, or just arranging things. You are through with your cleaning quicker in a tiny house. What do you do during the time you save? This is something you can plan every day.

Spend time with your family on weekends and on weekdays, spend time with yourself. Pamper yourself, read your favourite book; catch up with your friends, do shopping… the list is endless. Select such tiny house plans that ensure maximum utilisation of smaller areas for keeping your daily chores simpler to finish.

Low maintenance costs

Most small houses will not need heavy-duty painting, repairing, and yard up keeping or any other task for that matter. Weekends will be more enjoyable when your family spends time chatting and dining together rather than remain occupied with the maintenance of the house.

Whatever repairs or maintenance you are going to have will be a few hour affair! Tiny house plans will not have any unnecessary structure for up keeping.

Investment without baggage

When you purchase land for your tiny house, you are not likely you get into a giant debt. Needless to say, the land you need is going to be smaller than the one you need for a large house. As for building the house, you need not have to make a huge expenditure, as you can get hold of many economical tiny house plans.

These plans focus on using your purchased area in such a way that you only gain from your investment. With a tiny house, thinking of having a debt-free retirement becomes a realistic goal. As time goes on you may choose to add to your tiny house plans as well depending upon your needs and desires.

Organised home means an organised life

Your home says a lot about your habits. Large homes tend to encourage untidy habits. You may spend your entire day keeping your house tidy however your kids might never get the taste of a well-organised life. Empty spaces will end up becoming a haven for unused things. On the other hand, your tiny house will let you use every space.

Everything will have a designated place. You will notice how your family automatically gets into the habit of keeping things organised. Small houses are easier to un-clutter. Making this a priority with your family and your own tiny house plans will be a key part to keeping everyone happy.

Tiny house plans will aim at providing you a spacious area for each item you own. A general principle that is true for each one of us is that, we all use a set of items for doing household chores. Therefore, a single place dedicated for an item would be enough.

Keeping this principle in consideration, you can calculate the exact amount of space you and your family needs. You can read a great article that shows tiny house plans through video here!

Save on your daily supplies

The main disadvantage of having a large storage area is that it lets you buy supplies in bulk. Beneficial it may seem, however in practicality, much of the supplies tend to go to waste due to the lack of stocktaking.

In a household, it is hard to follow storehouse rules of maintaining log of the supplies. As a result, many supplies perish while you keep bringing in new ones. Tiny houses give you storage as per your need.

Bring in your supplies and keep them under your supervision. You will never end up wasting neither your supplies nor your money.

Free tiny home plans
Free tiny home plans (Source)

Tiny House On Wheels: A portable abode

You can also use tiny house plans that will give you the ability to have a movable tiny house that you can take along with yourself wherever you go. The idea might seem impractical at first however this kind of house proves beneficial to all who want to carry their world around. The problems like, grey water management and toilet can be solved in an eco-friendly way.

You can use composting toilet with waste tanks and for your grey water you can use grey water tanks.

The issue of heating your tiny house on wheels can be resolved by using propane electric heaters. As for cooling, you can install tiny fans or window fans, which would push away the hot air and ventilate your tiny house. Since your house is small and compact, only a couple of fans will do. Forget about spending a fortune on cooling!

Small can be beautiful

Small houses are charming residences that have every corner put to best use. Tiny houses allow you easier connection to the outside world and a sense of integration with nature.

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