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Australian camping trips

Choosing the Right Equipment for Australian Camping Trips

Decide what sort of canopy camping tent which will meet your desires and objectives. Your portable tent is a portable covering that could be made of an exterior cover of a natural or man made textile fabric which is applied over an associated supporting structure. This supporting structure might be made out of ropes and …

Rain Water Catchment
Home & Garden

Rain Water Catchment Ideas for Your Family Home

Water is, with air, the most precious resource and increasingly in short supply. Western living is exceedingly wasteful and much of our clean water supply is wasted and contaminated when it is used for washing and toilets, not to mention the vast amounts used by industry, when we should be thinking of rain water catchment. …

What is the intermittent fasting diet?
Health & Fitness

The Complete Guide to the Intermittent Fasting Diet

  Have you ever been constantly looking to find the best, most successful diet for long term weight loss? Do you still desire to consume the foods you like rather than obsess over everything you put in your mouth? Let’s discuss the intermittent fasting diet. The intermittent fasting diet lets you burn off fat and …

The Do's And Don't's Of Dating While Newly Divorced

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Dating While Newly Divorced

When your divorce is finalised, the next big step in continuing your life is getting back in the dating game. It helps you get your mind off your past, helps you see what’s still ahead in your future, and, most importantly, helps you begin the much needed healing process. Like most first-time divorcees, it’s difficult …

Top 10 Parenting Skills to Be the Best Parent You Can

Top 10 Parenting Skills to Be the Best Parent You Can

Top 10 parenting skills put together below are based on my experience with regard to bringing up my children. I have been practicing these principles and methods and started to see remarkable change in my children behaviour and attitudes. I have written this article to share my parenting skills to benefit people like you. I …

Good health on a budget
Health & Fitness

Clever Ways to Maintain Good Health on a Budget

Like millions across the world, I have insurance. I have vehicle insurance, house insurance and other month to month costs like rent and entertainment. Along these lines, I’m on a financial budget. However I also maintain good health on a budget, let me explain. Be that as it may, even as I ration and spare …

Vegetarian travel tips
Food & Drink

Vegetarian Travel Tips and How to Avoid Going Hungry

I am an avid traveller and a long time vegetarian. Here are three important vegetarian travel tips, to ensure you have a great trip. Tip 1: Plan Ahead! In my opinion, the most important of my three vegetarian travel tips. There is nothing worse than arriving, hungry, in a great new place with a lot …

diffuse anger in relationships

Effective Communication to Help Diffuse Anger in Relationships

If you wish to diffuse anger in relationships, straightforward non-hostile, calm and loving communication is vital if we are to be at peace with ourselves and spread happiness into the world. It is also vital to all important relationships, especially within the family. It should be obvious that we will not know what the other …

Business decisions

Business Decisions Can Change Your Australian Business Direction

We all want to have good business to have a good source of income. But this will never happen if you can’t get good profit. Good profit assures an abundance income and this can be possible with right business management. Although lots of business management techniques and business tools were being offered in the market, …

Mental health and COVID-19
Health & Fitness

Young Persons Guide to Mental Health and COVID-19

We all know about pandemics now. COVID-19 is a new disease that has spread across the world. It’s a really scary time right now, hopefully I can offer you some really helpful tips and discuss your mental health and COVID-19. Just like physical health, and we all have mental health. Our mental health is how …

How to market your website on free places

How to Market Your Website on Free Places

There are multiple ways to accurately target an audience and market to it. Here are some of the free and paid ways you can target an audience and market to them. Email marketing Once there are people coming to your sites, you could do something really useful with it. How? By collecting the email ids …

Create a meditation habit
Health & Fitness

How to Create a Meditation Habit and Stick to It

If you are like me, there are always a handful of habits that you want to be creating in your life. Habits like meditation, exercise, like eating better and others, however the actual act of creating habits is really difficult. So how do you actually create habits, effectively? I’m going to walk you through a …

Island of Bali Indonesia

Essential Travel Guide to the Iconic Island of Bali Indonesia

Here are a few important topics that you should know, before heading to Bali. Weather The island of Bali has a warm tropical and humid climate all year around, with daily temperatures barely moving from day to day, with a minimum of approximately 23 degrees, and maximum of 33 degrees. Unlike most of Australia, Bali …

Proven relaxation methods

Proven Relaxation Methods To Reduce Your Stress Quickly

We all have those moments when we’re stressed or tense or anxious and we would like to be able to find some good old relaxation to wind down and find some peace and calm in our day. In this article, I share some fantastic relaxation methods to help you in those moments they might not …

Ways to help Australian small business

5 Ways to Help Australian Small Businesses During COVID-19

We’re acutely aware that the current virus crisis is having a massive effect on our local retailers and hospitality. Cafes are empty, shops are quiet and cinemas are ghost towns. We need to all do what we can to support those hard working small businesses, who need our custom to feed their own families. The …