Why Tiny Houses Have Become So Big in Australia

The tiny house movement which is also commonly referred to as the “small house movement” is an architectural and social movement in Australia and around the globe, that implores people to live in small houses. However, till this day, there is no clear definition as to which components constitute a tiny house.

However, a house that is less than 46 m2 is generally considered as a tiny house. The tiny house movement also promotes financial prudence, economically safe and a shared community experience.

As of recent times, tiny houses have become so popular and there have been a significant increase in the number of people living in tiny houses especially among the older women. There are now social media campaigns for tiny houses on social media and they enlighten people on reasons why they should buy or build a tiny house.

The first social media groups for tiny houses first appeared on Facebook in 2013 and they have grown rapidly since then. The original social media pages like the Tiny Houses Australia on Facebook have about 50,000 followers and other groups like the Tiny Houses Brisbane are very active and also hold meetings on a regular basis.

Reasons Why People Live in Tiny Houses

According to the data obtained from the United States Census Bureau, the average size of a single family house that is sold in the United States is 2,520 square feet. However, as of recent times, tiny houses in Australia have been growing rapidly in popularity.

How Tiny Houses in Australia Can Help You Find Balance

One of the main reasons why people buy or build tiny houses in Australia is because they are trying to let go of some of their material possessions. Since tiny houses are often small, they are not able to hold a lot of items and they are lightweight. Tiny houses may be able to hold about 2,250kg weight.

This means that the owner of the tiny house needs to keep all his or her belongings under that weight. Building or buying a tiny house is a great idea if you are trying to let go of some of your personal belonging.

An example of Tiny Houses in Australia
An example of Tiny Houses in Australia

They Want to Be More Environmentally Conscious

Another reason why people buy or build tiny houses is because they want to be more environmentally conscious. For instance, a tiny house is capable of running on less than 20 amps which is the capacity of a standard exterior outlet. A standard house is often wired to use between 100 and 200 amps, depending on the size of the house and the capacity of the household appliances that is being used in the house.

Some people even design their tiny houses to live off the grid or disconnected from electricity and water for a period of time. These tiny houses are designed in such a way that they are self-sufficient for a period of time and they are able to stay completely off the grid for that period of time. It has been said that using less energy will reduce the emissions from power plants and this will in turn benefit the environment.

It Helps People Get Out of Debt

One of the most important reasons why people choose to buy or build tiny houses is because they want to get out of debt or they want to stay out of debt. People who live in tiny houses have little household requirements that they have to worry about so they are able to save money and stay out of debt. And also, buying or building tiny houses is substantially more affordable than buying or building a standard house.

It is possible to buy a tiny house for about $25,000, which includes the trailer, the walls, the roof and all the appliances. However, according to the data gotten from the United States Census Bureau, the average sales price of a new house is about $368,300. Living in tiny houses in Australia has helped a lot of people to save money and accomplish many things in their life. These people also do not have to worry about mortgage companies.

The cost of living in tiny houses is lesser than the cost of living in standard houses.

It Makes Easier to Make Choices

Another reason why people choose to buy or build tiny houses is because it makes them have easier and fewer choices to make daily. For instance, people living in tiny houses will have to reduce their material possessions, including their wardrobe and this will make it easier for them to make wardrobe decisions when they want to get dressed in the morning. So, people living in tiny houses find it easier to make choices in their home. There are also fewer choices to make in the house.

Tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes, you don’t have to buy the traditional type of tiny houses in Australia. Tiny homes come in cubes, pods and containers. Always remember to pick the home that best fits your needs.

Like traditional homes, tiny homes will need to be updated and given some routine maintenance. Having a smaller home also means that the repair could be more often, however less expensive.

Common Concerns About Having a Tiny Home

What are Some of The Legal Disadvantages About Living Tiny ?

Each city and town the nation over has an alternate arrangement of standards, codes/laws and allowing for tiny homes in their networks. Here and there is a base area prerequisite or a perpetual structure statute that may require a work around or difference.

That is the reason we exceedingly prescribe that individuals who are keen on living a tiny lifestyle work effectively with their nearby city law and other governing departments to discover deals so buying tiny homes can turn out to be increasingly accepted across Australia. You can look for additional information about tiny home development at your cities website.

How Well Do Tiny Homes Stand up To Bad Weather ?

When manufacturer’s build our homes to the International Building Code and to withstand sea tempest constrain winds. It might sound extraordinary, yet in the event that you are driving not far off at 60 mph with a 15 mph head wind, you are in fact presenting your home to storm wind speeds.

Most tiny homes are protected exceptionally well and we have numerous people who live in homes in outrageous chilly temperatures and report little issues.

Are Tiny houses off-the-Grid?

Small houses can be off-the-grid or network tied. On the off chance that you will go OTG, you will require wind or sun oriented capacity to drive the electrical gadgets inside your home and in addition a hotspot for water and an approach to process squander.

For more data look at our FAQ question:

How does a small house get and interface with utilities?

Pro’s About Tiny Home Living

  • Tiny house will save you big lot of money.
  • Freedom of having a portable home.
  • Removes debt
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced!

How Can a Tiny Home Lifestyle Improve my Life ?

In a world of abundance, embracing the tiny living lifestyle does have some serious advantages in a less complex way , Living In a little house you are compelled to split far from the traditional way of thinking where many people would be buying more stuff, tiny home living only allows you to focus on what is necessary.

How has the present buyer culture impacted numerous individuals to adjust the tiny house way of life?

Americans love to pull out all the stops or go home. We are for the most part liable of purchasing two of something when at a bargain, regardless of whether we needn’t bother with it. On the off chance that you have a house that is greater than what you require, you will figure out how to fill it. On the off chance that you glance around and find that you have three of anything, it might be an ideal opportunity to cut back.

As you would like to think, what are the best advantages of choosing to live in a tiny home?

Sparing of cash and time; enabling you to return to the things that are extremely vital to you.

Disadvantages of Living Tiny

  • Can have a hard time finding locations with allowed zoning.
  • Not as much privacy or alone time if you have a family.
  • Would have issues with hosting any type of parties or functions, unless outside.

What are the most common disadvantages of living in a tiny home?

You need to figure out how to trade off and say no. This is extremely intense for many individuals to get it.

In the plan you’ve made previously, what are a few highlights of your small house that are not ordinarily found in others?

Purchasing a tiny home from us, or simply scrutinising doing exploration to discover progressively about this development, our site and staff are there to instruct, answer questions and help manage you through the way toward going modest.

What tips would you give somebody who is considering going small?

  1. Do your examination. There is a great deal of data out there. Some of it is legitimate and of esteem and some isn’t. The best piece of this development is the customisation and opportunity that it permits the manufacturer/purchaser. Learn as much as you can so you can make sense of precisely what you need. Additionally look at Five Tiny House Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Tiny.
  2. Give it a shot. Ensure that going modest is appropriate for you by leasing a small home for an end of the week. Figure out the space by visiting a little house appear or by strolling through sheds that are of comparable size.
  3. Pick Wisely. As this industry keeps on developing, there are many individuals who are new to the business with practically no experience. Work with individuals who have validity and who are hoping to assemble connections other than business.

What little house questions do you have for us? Tell us in there marks underneath?

Tiny Houses in Australia are popping up everywhere
Tiny Houses in Australia are popping up everywhere

How much Does a Tiny House Weigh?

The last load of a wood encircled tiny house depends a great deal on how the house is done. When in doubt of thumb you can appraise the last dry load by duplicating 450-pounds by the length. For Example:

16-foot = 7,200#20-foot = 9,000#24-foot = 10,800#28-foot = 12,600#

What Type of Trailer Should I Use for My Tiny House?

Except if you have a ton of experience assembling or reestablishing trailers we propose purchasing another trailer. Flatbed vehicle pulling trailers are usually utilised for little houses however some change is required. In a perfect world purchase a trailer fabricated explicitly for little houses or have a trailer custom constructed. Visit Tiny Home Builders to perceive what reason constructed minor house trailers resemble.

Numerous little house organisations utilise triple 7000# hub trailers for 24-foot and longer homes. Yet, you could likewise utilise two 10,000 pound axles. Two 7000# axles would not leave a great deal of space for assets on a 24 or 28 foot house.

Can a Tiny Home Really Support My Family ?

Without a doubt, and there is nobody to estimate fits-just for lodging. A family will require more space than an individual or couple. Individuals that telecommute will require more space. The entire thought of living basically in little spaces is that the genuine estimation of the house is acknowledged, and the home doesn’t turn into a weight.

At the end of the day it’s tied in with discovering balance and the initial step is diminishing the quantity of assets.

Insuring Your Tiny Home

Checking with your local insurance agent for possible pricing and quotes can really help you to determine if you can insure your small home. Typically calling it a ‘custom travel trailer’, or cabin, will help them understand what you are talking about.

Can My Tiny Home Help Me to Live Debt Free ?

Many places land is very expensive and probably due to too many regulations people oftentimes won’t bother with attempting to build a tiny home. However there are still some locations where land is affordable. The trade-off is usually location or the quality of the land.

Lamar at Simple Solar Homesteading has worked admirably demonstrating to individuals best practices to live home loan free and find shabby spots to live. This is in certainty one of the primary reasons I blog about minor houses. I’m extremely hunting down the genuine estimation of a home and I don’t figure homes should cost anyplace close what they do.

Are Tiny Homes Good For Living off the Grid ?

Any tiny house can be fuelled by off-framework power, yet like any off-lattice house utilising less power will get you the least cost framework. Surrendering things like microwaves, electric warmers, blow dryers, and electric garments dryers, will enable you to truly downsize your power needs.


There are many types of tiny houses in Australia, all of them comfortable, all of them can be reasonably priced. Buying a tiny home is not for everybody, however it is a great way for people to free themselves of having the traditional 30 year mortgage and spend all your time working to pay for a home you can hardly enjoy.

Remember that when you are buying a tiny home, you are going to change your lifestyle.

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