Very Clever Storage Tricks When You Have a Tiny Kitchen

Tiny kitchens are the norm in dense urban areas where people live on top of one another or in a tiny house. Many in such areas have resorted through time to use their kitchens as a place to warm take out and store a couple wine glasses.

However, with a few tricks of utilising space even for a tiny kitchen you can store all your utensils, stuff, and still have an elegant cooking area with neat arrangement of all appliances. Below are some storage tricks for a Tiny Kitchen and the top 18 Tiny house kitchens we found

Use the oven for additional storage

The oven can save the day chopping boards, baking sheets and cooling racks. As long as you are not using the oven any time soon, they can stay in there.

Erect a pegboard

Mount up a board with S hooks 5 feet all around your kitchen walls. You can use this to hang strainers, towels, and grocery bags lightweight pans and utensils. This space makes up for the insufficient space in the cabinet, helping you remain organised. Hanging some utensils on a pegboard will also save you the hassle of looking for them in shelves when you need them the most.

Organise things by frequency of use

How often do use that toast maker or baking sheet. Have utensils like plates and mugs at an easy reach while those you only use occasionally you can shelve them underneath. This goes along with placing dishes and pans on top of one another. Those items with unique shapes you can make them stand in a corner of shelve space.

Magnetic strip and tool rack

The top trick for a tiny kitchen is being creative with space. You can place a magnetic strip on the wall or on the sides of your refrigerator to hang knives and cutlery. A tool rack on the other hand can sit in a corner and hold kitchen appliances like heater, blender, chopping boards and hot water pots. Old CD holders can help you arrange plastic cans.

Make use of baskets and plastic bag dispensers

The good old baskets will help keep away the tools that are lying haphazardly on your counter or sink space. Baskets are the trick for keeping all your water bottles, cutlery, plastic bags, grocery and cereals, mugs and wine bottles and ensure you have some space left in your tiny kitchen.

Plastic bag dispensers will take care of your plastic bag problems. Even though plastic bags are so important to us especially in carrying products from the store and wrapping food items, they can be a menace when it comes to disposal. Next time you come with the plastic bags from the store, stuff them in the dispenser to save yourself some breathing space.

Above cabinet space

Another practical trick for a tiny kitchen is to store your big pots and silverware in the space between your cabinet and the ceiling .You can make efficient use of the above cabinet space by improvising additional drawer there. You can often climb on top of a stool if you need to retrieve these pots, which are down the list of your frequently used utensils. Use this space to store jars filled with nuts and seeds.

Additional wall shelves

If you have wall space with fewer cabinets, you can install additional shelves around the kitchen walls. Let this shelves be at a height just beneath the ceiling so that this does not hinder your movement while working in the kitchen. Wall shelves give additional storage space for your dishes, plates and other utensils. It can also be the space to let washed utensils dry up before sorting them later on.

Dish racks

Introduce a short well-partitioned stand to handle extra utensils or grocery. These utensil racks can take up many plates and crockery if you arrange them properly. A sturdy wooden stand will do to stand the weight of your pans.

You can transfer the utensils or bottles of spices that choke up space in the cabinet to the racks. To be more creative you can get wheeled racks and this will magnificently help you in movement, whenever you want to use an item, to move freely or clean the kitchen freely you just push or pull to adjust space.

Use stackable shelves

Customised kitchen cabinets are another trick for a tiny kitchen. The height and width of your custom kitchen cabinet is very adjustable; you can stack smaller cabinets on top of one another for long heights to suit your storage needs. Alternatively, you can stack multiple shelves together for storing bigger pots or you can remove shelves to increase storage space.

Drawer partitioning in your kitchen cabinet can help you arrange utensils in a better way. In the counters, you can increase convenience and save space by using mason jars. Mason jars are helpful in keeping, sugar, spices, soaps, detergents and tea that jumble up space in the drawers and kitchen counters. Labeling these jars will be necessary to ensure that you take out the correct items.

Make use of corners

Make use of the sink cabinet or space under the sink. Is the trashcan, the tool rack or the basket with seeds taking up much floor space? The space beneath the sink is a good place for such tools. This way you will not trip when walking around your kitchen and it gives ample space to do your cooking work.

In the other corners spaces that are usually left unnoticed you can set up modular kitchen for storing wine bottles and other reusable cans. Also, install a pot rail in the space under your cabinet for a little extra storage

Get a sizeable kitchen table

What is the size of your kitchen table? Your kitchen table could be the one taking up all of your kitchen space. At the same time, it is essential that you have a kitchen table. A good sized bar height kitchen table increases your counter space and it can serve as additional storage space as well as sit your friends when sharing a meal in your tiny kitchen.

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