3 Fantastic Methods to Stay Healthy and Active at Any Age

We all know that ageing is a controversial issue for every person. We are afraid that we will not look good anymore and our health will not be the same as it was some time ago. It is very important to feel good by yourself, and healthy and active no matter the age and to think positively every moment in your life.

As we know, during time we pass through a lot of experiences either positive or negative and due to these experiences we can suffer different changes. How do we handle all these things and how can we remain healthy and active at any age? We are here to provide some tips that may be helpful for you.

A clear mind and a positive attitude

When it comes to ageing well, being healthy and active and maintaining a positive attitude is one of the most important things so that you can do everything successfully. Some people think that age is just a number and it does not matter at all because they have a fresh mind and a positive attitude. You will see that this is a helpful feature so that you can feel better during the ageing process.

Take time for yourself, enjoy little things, spend more time with family and friends, do relaxing activities, travel, spend time in the nature, read more, all of these activities are beneficial for your state of mind. The sense of humour will help you too, to stay positive, cheerful and healthy.

Healthy eating brings healthy life-style

It is known that nutrition plays an important role since the beginning of our lives. During time, our food preferences change and we start eating some things, or we renounce eating other ones. Nutrition is also a significant feature in how our bodies age because after the age of 40, the metabolism is slowing down and this means that calories can no longer be burnt easily.

In order to take care of this aspect, we recommend you a healthy eating style based on fruits, vegetables, and grains, because it is said that they are the best option to make you feel more healthy and active and fresh.

Sport and exercising

Staying active is a basic element of ageing well. After reaching the age of 40, people lose a part of their muscle mass, so this is why it is good to exercise almost every day. Before starting any type of workout, firstly talk to your doctor in order to identify the right exercises for you and your body.

It is necessary to take it step-by-step and to be careful because doing too much in a short time can cause injuries. You may ask how do you get started? Things are very simple, firstly you have to make a schedule with the whole workout plan because this way, the tasks will be easier to accomplish.

Below, we will present you some types of exercises that you can do for staying healthy and active:

This type of workout rises heart rate and breathing for a prolonged period, it is good for the heart, lungs and the circulatory system. Endurance exercises offer your body a good quantity of energy for daily activities and also they can avoid heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. There are many types of endurance exercises such as walking, running, aerobics, swimming and tennis.

They are not tiring to execute, so seniors can do all these types of activities because they will bring them good outcomes. When talking about the aerobic exercises, their meaning is to burn out the calories however also to diminish blood pressure and care for the joint movement. In order to maintain your bones’ and joints’ health recommend you to use the weighted vests when doing the workout, it offers higher intensity and increases bone density which is totally an advantage for your health.

They are meant to help the muscular system stretch, stretching can hold off injuries and may avoid falls. For instance, yoga is a great flexibility exercise, there are various types of yoga, so you just have to find out the suitable one for your body. You can do it at the gym, however also at your own place helped by the items from your house. The main benefits you can get from yoga are that it helps your body stay agile and develops your velocity when doing daily physical activities.

These stability and balance exercises are primary to prevent falls, which are the main cause of broken bones. When you do balance exercises, make sure you have someone to support you or just cling to a chair or some heavy object in your house if you lose your balance. Many seniors do this type of exercises because they improve posture, quality of walking and obviously the balance.

They also lower the possibility of falling. Some of the most common balance exercises are yoga, posture exercises and Tai Chi. You can practice them at the gym or special centres where people offer classes for seniors to stay healthy and active.

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