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Essential Tips and Skills to Ensure Co-Parenting Success

Essential Tips and Skills to Ensure Co-Parenting Success

Co-parenting success involves and includes communication, negotiation and decision making with your child’s other parent to fulfil the responsibility bringing up and to give better life to your children. Definition of co-parenting Co-parenting takes place when two parents join hands to take care of their children. For a better result in co-parenting they should take …

advice to a first time mother

10 Important Tips and Advice to a First Time Mother

You just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations! Here’s my advice to a first time mother. If you expect to have morning sickness, you’ll have it. The mind is a powerful thing and it will absolutely send your body into spontaneous gagging and bouts of nausea. Try not to anticipate it; it may find you anyhow, …

exercise at home
Health & Fitness

Four Fantastic and Free Ways to Exercise at Home

Getting fit is a goal for many people, however more often than not people under-understand how expensive joining a gym and going to classes can be. Some gyms charge in excess of $50-$100 a month just to have access to the facilities, with specialist classes and instruction taking that figure into three digit sums. You …

Kettlebell Swing
Health & Fitness

Your Guide To Learning The Kettlebell Swing

Here it is. One of the most comprehensive articles you will ever read to learning the kettlebell swing. But before we start: It may pay to have a Functional Movement Screen conducted before you start using kettlebells. You can also access an at home screen in my Unlocking Your Movement Online Course which comes free …

Guide to Effectively Decluttering Your Home
Home & Garden

A Beginners Guide to Effectively Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering your home has a few practical benefits. For example, a house is much easier to keep tidy when there is less clutter. Many people also find that clear spaces can be quite calming. Moreover, by actually enjoying the clean and organised spaces you’ve created for yourself, you won’t feel the need to buy more …

personal finance as a couple
Personal Finance

How to Deal With Personal Finance As A Couple

Money can be a sticky area for a lot of couples. Most people don’t want to discuss money because they think it will lead to arguments. If you are about to get married, it is important that you have serious discussions about money before tying the knot. There’s a reason they say that personal finance …

things to do in Tasmania

Travel Guide: 10 Amazing Things to Do in Tasmania

Welcome to Tasmania’s fabulous capital Hobart. We have ten amazing things to do in Tasmania starting here in Hobart’s historic Salamanca waterfront precinct. Every Saturday, the famous Salamanca markets are held right here and it’s a must-see a renowned for fresh food, arts and crafts and more. The Salamanca market is not only a great …

sangria recipe
Food & Drink

Need a Summer Drink? 3 of Our Favourite Sangria Recipes

Mmmm, Sangria. Nothing says unwinding with friends quite like a pitcher of this delicious and beautiful beverage. The quintessential summer drink, it traditionally consists of just wine, chopped fruit, a spirit or liqueur, and some sort of sweetener. The end result is fun, fruity, and, when done right, wonderfully complex. One of the greatest things …