Growing Your Business by Embracing Instagram Marketing

More and more Australian brands are achieving growth in their businesses, by using Instagram to grow their marketing efforts.

In fact, a recent study in the UK showed that more brands are incorporating Instagram into their social media strategy. Over 90% of the businesses surveyed have both an Instagram and Facebook accounts.

It’s not a secret that an increasing number of Australian brands are using social media for marketing, especially jumping on Instagram marketing as a way to reach their customer base – and with good reason.

First it was Facebook and then Twitter, and now Instagram.

There are a number of reasons why – let us explain.

Behind the scenes

Instagram can be utilised to show your company from the inside. Instagram allows your brand to show the human element of your brand. No company is greater than the people it employs, which is especially true for small Australian businesses that are entering a growth phase.

Post pictures and videos from inside your offices, at conferences you attend, or at employee lunches and activities. Not only do consumers want good products and services, but they want to know that they are supporting a company that is caring, fair, and a happy environment to be a part of.

Part of this is putting a face to a name. Australian businesses who show real employees, from all levels, create a better brand identity than those who hide behind the logo.

Creating community

Buying isn’t just about the actual product anymore. It’s about being connected, and being included in a larger brand community. Customers will feel that they are a part of your community, if you are willing to open it up to them.

Share customer photography

Since it’s natural that those who follow you are interested in what you make or sell, it only makes sense to use the platform as a way to easily display what you offer. Many Australian businesses now are even using customer photos to show their products.

If your Australian business has a store-front, have a promotion that invites customers to share pictures of their purchases, and re-post your favourite ones. This helps drive awareness of the sale or promotion, and also increases that customer engagement that in turn leads to brand loyalty.

Australian fashion labels are sharing pictures of customers wearing their clothes that the customers themselves have shared, and re-post those pictures on the brand’s own account. SaaS businesses display images from other companies or websites who have benefitted from their products.

Create brand hashtags

Try using branded hashtags or trending hashtags to appear to others who are searching for new accounts to follow, or people who are browsing for interesting content.

By using hashtags that are trending, or using ones that are within your industry or general interest area, people who are looking for images within those topics can find you.

Australian Instagram marketing works

Use Instagram to build a community and offer transparency with your Australian business, connect to customers, and create a presence for others to find you.

When you begin to operate where your customers are, and create and share content that is compelling, meaningful, and relatable, you encourage a better relationship to form with those that already know you.

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