9 Methods to Lift Your Brand’s Social Media Game

Every year, if not more often, you should be assessing if your social-media strategy is working. Now is a good time of the year to be doing just that, so why not considering trying these nine tips to up your social media game.

Here are a few strategies to boost social-media marketing to positively impact business growth and sales.

Nine methods to lift your brand’s social media efforts

The following nine methods are proven and effective ways to get attention from your social media audience.

1. Tweet about music.

Share some of your employees favourite lyrics or even nominate a song of the week, as voted by your team. These music related posts often get fantastic reactions and help drive conversation.

2. Use consistent visuals.

Have a visual style for your social media means that people start to recognise your posts, without even looking at your username. There are plenty of great Australian marketing software products out there, that are worth looking into.

3. Weekly employee takeover.

For those businesses that have a great team, maybe take turns running your brand’s social media accounts? The first day can be introducing yourself and then share some of your own interests throughout the week.

4. Run a weekly Facebook live.

Set up a regular time, to speak to and answer any community questions. This is a great way to show your brans own personality, and help virility through user engagement.

5. Create your own Facebook group.

As page reach is slowly dying, brands are turning to creating their own special FB groups. The advantage is that members can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.

6. Tell Dad jokes.

A brand constantly just playing it safe, guarantees no interaction or very little. Instead, take a risk by posting some funny dad jokes. Puns are always a great source of amusement.

Just remember to keep it family friendly, and avoid jokes around sensitive issues that may inflame personalities, such as religion or politics.

7. Try posting native video on LinkedIn.

Native video on LinkedIn is still very new, so brands are finding that it can be an effective way to get some further reach and attention, on a fairly quiet and static platform.

8. Crowd source imagery.

Try leveraging some user generated content and showcase your community through visuals. Leverage platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or even learn about what is TikTok, the new short video social media platform. to share visuals that support other marketing activities.

9. Ask interesting questions.

Asking a few questions will often generate creative replies from your followers that will become discussions of their own. If you’re lucky, these people will then also be thinking about you and your company.


There you go – there is nine different methods to try when looking at changing your brand’s social media direction or habits over the coming months. Give them a go, and learn from what works and what doesn’t.

Remember, at the end of the day, all marketing is just constant testing and improvement.

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