How to Choose a Top Wedding Photographer for Your Special Day

Planning for a stellar wedding? Maybe you are getting goosebumps just thinking about that once-in-a-lifetime step. Having tangible memories of that special day is almost just as important as having the celebrant show up – that’s why you need a top wedding photographer.

You may think that I am exaggerating, however I am sure you want every precious moment of your wedding day to be immortalised on film. If you truly want to look back and remember how fabulous your wedding day was then you certainly need to be thinking – top wedding photographers.

So, you have decided to get married and the congratulations are coming in from every direction. However now you have a wedding to plan and if you are like most people it is at this point that bewilderment sets in. The expense of a wedding, no matter what size, can be overwhelming.

Hiring the right wedding photographer is one of the most integral decisions regarding your wedding. After all, the wedding only lasts for a couple of hours however the photographs last for a lifetime.

A wedding day is certainly not the time for an amateur photographer to showcase his/her skills. You certainly don’t want your cousin Albert or your favourite nephew behind the lens, no matter how small the ceremony and setting. For a fact, having a top wedding photographer do your wedding might certainly require a little more tweaking to your budget – however it will be so worth it.

Can you see yourself after the wedding, going through your pictures and wondering who that person standing beside your husband is? Certainly, that unflattering picture could not be a reflection of you. Take it from me, it can and will happen.

A wedding happens fluidly, there are no pauses no second takes and no rewinds. You definitely need someone who operates professionally and knows what they are doing. Do not leave this aspect of your wedding to chance. Photographs are a permanent reminder of your wedding day. Some day to come you will be showing those pictures to your children and perhaps your grand-children. In addition to capturing the ceremony, wedding photographs also capture the unscripted, unplanned moments.

Having a top wedding photographer is worth its cost in memories any day.

As a result many couples dole out the extra bucks to ensure that their wedding day’s memories will remain memorable. Let us take a brief look at how to identify a top wedding photographer.

Must have great references and portfolio of previous work done. Acquiring genuine testimonials from other happy couples is a great way to go.

Must have great technical skills and ability to function and produce great work regardless of challenges of background, lighting etc. The photographer must be able to provide pictures with a polished look rather than just point and snap.

Must know what kind of pictures you want while at the same time incorporating his/her expertise to create magical pictures. Wedding photographers must be able to recommend and make suggestions while not overriding your desires. After all, it is your day; surely you can have your cake and eat it too.

Finally, as your wedding is all about you, it is essential that you are comfortable with his/her photographing style.

As top wedding photographers are usually booked months in advance, make sure to book early. Getting started with time to spare also allows you the luxury of shopping around instead of just grabbing the only available one. Look at online websites for local photographers and make a list of those with styles that you like. Go through your lists, meet with the photographers and analyse their portfolios before making a choice.

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most memorable days of your life – a milestone, so to speak. Make sure the pictures taken are ones of high quality and that when the day is over, you will be truly happy with your photos.

This is what a top wedding photographer will ensure.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

So, how do you decide how to choose a wedding photographer? Let us examine some points that can help to guide your decision.


Each photographer has a style, and the styles are about as individual as the photographers themselves. Therefore, it is important that you know how to choose a wedding photographer. One who possesses the style that you are most comfortable with is always a good bet.

In addition, a good wedding photographer would be able to offer various techniques in shooting such as casual, traditional or even candid. It is important that the photographer you choose has a good command of them all and is able to switch from one to another as the need arises.


This single factor is one which has the most bearing, I think, on how to choose a wedding photographer. To be brutally honest, the cost of a wedding photography package can be quite a hefty sum. In choosing a wedding photographer, one does indeed have to insist on quality, however becoming bankrupt on your wedding night is not an appealing thought.

Surely, there must be some sort of balance applied. You should always make a budget regarding the amount you are able to spend on photographs. Try and find a photographer that allows you to have your cake and eat it too. It can be done, however you have to give yourself sufficient time to shop around – so don’t wait until the last minute.


Whatever you do, please, choose a wedding photographer that has excellent references and/or many testimonials from happy couples. Talking to persons who have been served by the photographer directly is a good way to go. These conversations always provide valuable insights about the attitudes and work ethics of the person, which would not be visible from just viewing a portfolio.

The Answer Is In the Seasons

As part of your quest in deciding how to choose a wedding photographer, look for special offers and seasonal bargains. Like any other business, off season means lower prices and photography is no different. When the wedding rush season is finished, photographers get less work, so they have to offer competitive prices in order to secure work.

Choosing a top wedding photographer

One of the most memorable and cherished days is your wedding day. Undoubtedly, you want to have pictures that capture the magic of every moment. Even when memories fade away, pictures will remain. Knowing how to choose a wedding photographer is decisively one of the most important choices you will have to make in the planning of a successful event.

Give yourself enough time to browse and make a selection. Go with your gut feeling and make sure the package you choose can fit in your budget. Do yourself a favour, leave the worrying in someone else’s hands (a professional) and go and enjoy that very special day of yours.

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