Understanding the Different Fields of Law Before Hiring a Lawyer

An employment lawyer in Melbourne plays a vital role when it comes to different scenarios like wrongful termination, low compensation, abuse and indifference in the workplace and amending the appropriate work rights. In case of issues with the work, it is recommended to contact a lawyer who is expert in employment law and helps you in representing your rights.

During such scenarios, an employment lawyer help in such cases and makes it easier for the employers to resolve the internal matters.

It is recommended to contact lawyers, only when it is deemed necessary and in unavoidable circumstances when things are out-of-hand situations. If employers can handle matters by themselves, it is advised by many experts to do that, as the involvement of lawyers isn’t just overwhelming but can also be expensive. 

So, during which situations can lawyers of Melbourne help you solve your problems? Find it below:-

  • Conveyancing, Property and Construction
  • Wills and Estate
  • Personal Injury Law. 
  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law.
  • Debt Collecting
  • International Law

Conveyancing, Property and Construction

A property includes land, real estate or intellectual property. The Australian property laws govern the rights, interests and responsibilities of individuals who own the property. Most people need assistance with conveyancing that include the transfer of a real estate or granting a mortgage among two parties. 

Look for a law firm, who is an expert in the Torrens system of land registrations which governs most privately owned land in Australia. Whether you wish to purchase, sell, or rent a piece of land, these experts assists you to do so reliably and cost-effectively. 

Wills and Estate

In this property law matters, the dispersion of assets like real property, monetary assets, and personal property is done systematically after a person’s demise. The property applied wills and estate law helps the person’s family to avoid disputes, claims, and demand by the beneficiaries after the person passes away.

The law systematically denotes how the estate will be divided, which will prevent you from the money and stress that can occur due to property share. An expert property lawyer in Melbourne makes it easier for you by guiding you through the process of will and estate distribution with compassion that gives you a surety that your family will stay united and peacefully.

Personal Injury Law

This law takes into consideration all the injuries caused to a person by medical negligence, worker’s compensation, vehicle & transport accidents, asbestos claims, insurance claims, and other injuries caused in public places.   

In Melbourne, lawyers take these aspects into consideration and assist you to receive the compensation you are entitled due to these injuries caused. They provide you with sound, practical, and professional advice that helps in understanding legal rights when you are about to receive medical treatment or monetary compensation. 

Understanding the specialisation of the law firms

Many law firms claim that they are an expert in employment, property or personal niche in their adverts whereas truly they practice in other fields.

It is important to ensure that the person you hire specialises in employment and property law in Australia. Only a specialised lawyer understands the ins and outs the case and guarantees you to get a good result. 

Employment Law

Australian Employers sign a contract and a sub-contract, and other paid works before accepting each other. Independent contractors have fewer protections than employees under the law. An expert and well-experienced lawyers help them negotiate contracts to support interest and maintain rights.    

The lawyers provide employment law advice and help in resolving issues from employment agreements and contracts. The lawyers make sure to defend your rights against unfair dismissal or unlawful termination. Also, they will give you advice on complicated matters and disputes. 

Debt Collecting

The debts can be commercial or civil. The lawyers send a legal notice to the debtors, giving them a time-limit for payment. This informs them to pay on time otherwise, legal action could be taken. If the collection goes unsuccessful the lawyers send a final letter before legal action. 

International Law

Many expert law firms hold expertise and network to assist Australian based individuals, companies, entities to expand their business in other countries by instructing Expert lawyers and other experts. This helps their Australian clients to achieve their aims and objective of the business. 

The lawyers keep a track record in assisting individuals, companies and entities across the world that require legal services in order to achieve their business objectives. 

At the end

If you’re looking for services and expert law guidance regarding employment law or property law in Melbourne, then contact Velos Lawyers for more. 

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