How Can Students Make Money Online

In this post we’re going to look at several ways through which students can make a buck online.

There are several easy ways you can get started with almost immediately.

As a student don’t think that your options are limited or that you are pigeon-holed into just studying the whole time.

Start as an online tutor

Becoming an online tutor is one of the easiest ways for you to make money while at school. Begin with your friends and family circle first and then use their contacts to tell others that you are available to teach.

There are many searching the web for homework answers. There are platforms available that provide access to questions and answers.

You can sign up on one of these platforms and based on your skills answer queries to which people are concerned most about. 

However being an online tutor requires you to have a great deal of expertise on the subject, be it maths or science.

Sell Online Courses

One another way to make decent earnings online is by selling courses through your site. Platforms like Udemy also let you create a course and host it on their site and you can earn passive income with those sites as well.

There are a number of programs on which you can sell courses ranging from cooking to sharing dance lessons or teaching others how to code.

Another idea that doesn’t need you to rely on these sites is leveraging your own blog as a platform where you drive traffic to content and use that to drive sales for your courses.

For instance if you start a site that offers people advice on fishing. Like how to bait fish, how to choose hooks and prey on fish and other such things you’re bound to attract a lot of warm leads. You can market to them later with the help of courses you create.

Content Writing

If you’re someone who has some great writing skills then you can create compelling content by becoming a writer.

This is another easy way for you to start earning something quickly.

There are different sites like;

  • Freelancer
  • iWriter
  • Upwork
  • Hirewriters 

On all these sites you will see a number of job postings available for writers.

With content writing the chief problem might be that you get a number of people who try to lowball you. That’s fine as long as you realize what you are worth.

It’s even ok to start somewhere and build up reviews and then you’ll be able to command the rates you deserve. Everyone starts at the bottom and then climbs up.

Join freelancing sites

Other than content writing itself there are several different freelancing ideas you can use. The post I linked now lists 33 ideas you can get started with as a freelancer and start doing those jobs.

Freelancing gives you plenty of freedom. You can work from anywhere, You can work at your own pace and decide which jobs you’re going to pick up.

As a freelancer you need skills, be it managing a CRM, web design or anything else for that matter.

Start a YouTube channel

The covid-19 pandemic ensured that we stay dozens of hours cooped up inside our homes. This turned a lot of people into YouTubers who found a new love in vlogging.

If you discover that you love coming before the camera and enjoy what you do before people then a YouTube channel is your best bet.

You can stick with things you know. Say dancing or making cooking videos or sharing your gaming videos, or reviewing tech products like generators depending on what you love doing.

Invest in Stocks

The idea of investing in stocks might sound risky to some. But the people who made the most money ever invested in stocks.

The idea requires you to research the stock very well. Warren Buffet for instance who is known to read 500 pages a day, vests his time reading a company’s annual reports. He understands that way if the company is performing well or not. This improves his odds of striking gold with a stock that he has done many times before.

Study and understand which companies are doing well with their annual reports and invest only when you have ascertained this.

But, even to invest you need some money in hand before. To do that take up one of the jobs mentioned above, make some money and use those earnings to multiply your portfolio.

About the Author

George is a blogger and writer at Manswellness. He has over 9 years of experience creating content online for different industries.

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