Pregnancy Massage: Benefits and What to Expect

There are many benefits for pregnancy massage for pregnant women and mums to be. We take you through these and also what to expect when enjoying pregnancy massage therapy.

Why pregnant women should try pregnancy massage

Prenatal massage is considered to be a powerful form of healing. It is an amazing form of therapy that you can experience throughout pregnancy and even after your child is born. During pregnancy, the immune system becomes weaker, as the pregnancy hormone, estrogen is gone. This makes you more susceptible to sickness and disease.

Like many other forms of massage, there are many benefits of massage therapy when given during pregnancy.

Improves pelvic floor strength

Women who have a weak pelvic floor often experience painful pelvic floor disorders during pregnancy. This can include incontinence, constipation, or pelvic organ prolapse. Many women also experience urinary incontinence during pregnancy, which is the result of pelvic floor weakness and having enlarged kidneys.

This is why many pregnant women benefit from this type of massage, as it can strengthen pelvic floor muscles to alleviate these painful symptoms and improve bladder control during pregnancy.

Improves circulation and muscle tone

Pregnancy massage also helps boost blood circulation in your body. It also helps to improve muscle tone and tone and reduces fatigue.

What does a pregnancy massage session involve?

During pregnancy, this massage therapy will typically run for about 40 minutes.

Prenatal massage is a lot more relaxing than regular massage and this is so because you are not getting as tight as before. After a while, your body has become accustomed to the stretch and you don’t feel as tight anymore. When it comes to a prenatal massage session, you do not need to give any indication that you are pregnant. You just need to relax and allow your body to experience the relaxation.

What to expect when enjoying a pregnancy massage

Many pregnant women have a lot on their minds and by relaxing and letting go, they will be able to spend time focusing on how their pregnancy is progressing and making friends with the bump. This is also a great time to talk about all the anxieties and how your birth and new baby will go.

Massage can be a very emotional thing to go through, especially as soon as you learn that you are going to be a mother. You’ll be preoccupied with planning for your new little family and the future, and you may even find yourself feeling somewhat scared and uncertain.

With your bump full of all sorts of unknown, one of the best ways to get rid of that pre-birth anxiety is with a gentle massage. Massage has many proven benefits for pregnancy and breastfeeding mums.

Where can you get a pregnancy massage?

There are many skilled and professional masseurs in Perth that offer pregnancy massage services for women and mums to be. Some of these massage spas and centres offer traditional, relaxing massage while others focus on massage therapy for the specific needs of those going through the birthing process.

Some of the areas of this massage style include relaxation, acupressure, pregnancy specific massage and breastfeeding massages.


There are a number of fantastic benefits that pregnant women and mums to be can take advantage of when indulging in pregnancy massage. We hope this piece of information helps you in your choice of massage therapists and health clinics.

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