What is Remedial Massage and How it Helps?

Massage has gained quite a popularity in this modern world. Though it is a relatively old technique, people have found it very effective in curing pain-related health issues. Talking of massage, remedial massage is one of the most popular techniques.

The name suggests much more about this massage as it has been derived from the word remedy. The steps used here make it a very effective remedial technique to cure muscle dysfunction, damaged tissues, and soft tissues of the human body. As we have begun the discussion on this matter, we will take a closer look at it.

What is remedial massage?

This massage technique is primarily used to locate the damaged tissues of the body. The majority of massages focus on easing pain by applying pressure to certain parts of the body but remedial massage is quite different. It involves the techniques to enhance the self-healing process of our body.

So, it seems more like a natural way of healing muscles. Pressure is applied in different ways with different intensities based on the requirement of muscles. The nature of the problem/pain decides the way pressure will be applied to that area.

When there is a problem causing the pain, such pain will be radiated to parts adjacent to that muscle. This is the reason why such causes make one’s life really uncomfortable. Remedial massage works very well in tracing those causes and helps you get rid of this situation.

Why should you choose remedial massage?

The benefits that you may gain from it are enormous. Knowing the probable benefits will be very helpful in deciding whether you need this massage. If you want the following benefits, you should go for this massage technique.

Very effective in curing muscle tears

Muscle tear is very important for the proper growth of muscles. Muscles tear when there is repeated use of the muscle or more pressure on a muscle. You should pay extra attention to those muscles in order to avoid further damage. Remedial massage is very effective in this process.

Improves blood circulation throughout the human body

You may face several health issues due to improper circulation of blood inside your body. Remedial massage may help you get rid of that situation. It maintains a proper circulation of blood not only in the massaged area but throughout the body.

Enhances muscle flexibility and joint mobility

Flexibility in the body doesn’t only help in making our lives comfortable but it also saves us during accidents. So, you should exercise and opt for other techniques to enhance flexibility. Remedial massage is a great help in making your body more flexible.

Promotes muscular balance

Muscular balance is very essential to the proper movement of your body. Everyday activities like walking, running, lifting objects has a lot to do with muscle balance. You will face difficulties while doing almost all such works if your muscles lack balance. Remedial massage won’t let your body arrive in such a condition by making your muscles more balanced.

As remedial massage relaxes muscles and other connecting tissues, the muscles become more mobile.

By combining all these benefits, you get a better-quality life. Such a lifestyle creates a feeling of well-being in people’s minds. Such a feeling is crucial in saving you from anxiety and depression-like mental situations. In this way, you reduce the chances of depression and other such a situation.

With relaxed muscles and ease of movement, a person can get rid of headaches and other such difficulties. In many cases, remedial massage works well to ease severe pains associated with sciatica, abdomen, and lower back.

The process of remedial massage

It is always important to know the essentials before you begin with this process. A good massage therapist will always discuss your health and lifestyle before the massage therapy session begins. Techniques of deep tissue massage are incorporated with this technique many times. After you both have agreed, ask the therapist to proceed further. In the next step, the therapist will ask you to lie on the table or couch. Then you will get a towel for making yourself comfortable.

Now you are ready for the massage. After the beginning of the massage session, the therapist will start locating the problem in muscles by several techniques. After they have located the problem precisely, the therapist will penetrate the specific parts of the muscle. You may also be required to stretch different parts of your body as a part of this massage.

Normally, the following techniques are used during the remedial massage.

Skin rolling

It is performed on body parts like the back, arms, and legs of the body. Skin rolling is generally used because it has significant therapeutic effects. Therapists use their thumbs, and fingers to go on with this technique.


They use compression as a technique to warm up the muscles. Compression makes the muscles ready for other deeper techniques that will be used later on. Blood levels in a specific area increase as a result of compression and hence the muscles get softened.

Where can you get it?

The prior articles must have given you enough information about remedial massage. In case you want to get one, we will list some places that facilitate this massage. People living near sporting environments should go to an athlete supporting service. Some of the most popular ones in this category include swimming teams or soccer clubs, etc.

Most of the medical services capable of providing rehabilitation and injury management also provide remedial massage. Larger healthcare institutions situated in the middle of the city having physiotherapists, and naturopaths have this facility as well. Contacting the private clinic that you have been visiting for personal issues will helpful as remedial massage therapists are usually available there too.

Final words

Remedial massage is quite an effective technique for treating muscular problems and it also promotes deep relaxation. The main focus of therapists is to balance the length and tendons of the muscles in order to get the fibers in the right alignment.

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