Ultimate Bond Back Cleaning Checklist

Let’s face it, the bond back cleaning of a property is always a painful and challenging operation. This guide has tips and a checklist for the ultimate bond back cleaning that you can consider out.

By mentioning that cleaning is the very opposite thing someone will need to think about in the middle of a move, we should discuss the obvious problem at hand.

However, in the event that you need to get the full bond back, the land specialist or landlord will need the property to be returned to its original condition, involving daily cleaning of the rented property.

In anyone’s life, moving out is an incredibly stressful time, particularly if you live in a rental house. Then not only do you care about packing and shifting all your belongings to a new place, but you really need to think about getting back your bond. When you make sure the room is spotless, you can’t return the keys. Your landlord will conduct a final inspection at the conclusion of your tenancy to assess the state of the house. During this check, an official status report will be submitted, and if you do not fulfil the set standards, you will not be eligible to obtain your security deposit back.

This is why planning for your bond back cleaning in advance is critical. In a couple of hours, Specialist cleaners in Bundoora will take care of anything, but if you don’t have the money for it, it’s wise to begin planning early on for the move-out check.

What damage is your responsibility for during the bond back cleaning process?

One of the main issues facing individuals is to decide what harm they are responsible for. Fortunately, since certain forms of wear and tear are beyond the jurisdiction, the occupant is not responsible for these things. There is also no responsibility for losses such as curtains, decoration, chairs, floors or tapestries that take place over time.

However, here are the expenses for which you are responsible:

  • Some kind of stains and burn marks
  • Floor scratches, stains and burns
  • Cut on counter tops and burns
  • Carpet marks and wall holes
  • Scratches on tables, sofas, beds

Do your utmost to prevent such damages, because the replacements are expensive and your presence would make it incredibly difficult to get your deposit back.

A month before you move 

Preparation- You should begin cleaning plans up to a month in advance, depending on how large the property is. You have to start organising the operation from the start because you move into a huge house with a garden, garage and other forms of additional facilities.

You’ll need to trim them one week before moving if you have a paddling pot and a heck in front of your house. It’s best to find a professional mover to look after you if you don’t have a mower and the requisite know-how.

Pest Control- The same happens if the property contains pests, you would be expected to take care of the infestation before the inspection, as it is the responsibility of the homeowner under most lease agreements. Many landlords need a licensed pest control firm, as both spraying and fumigation facilities are promised. If your rental does not mention this you should take the DIY alternative into consideration, simply ensure that all dead bugs are visible before the inspection is completed.

Clearing the garden and balcony- Take note of the weeds first and cover the bushes again. Move the pond and spray the whole field, if necessary, with a weed killer. It is a smart idea to cover some dying plants with fresh ones when they are not meant to be. Remove the entire rubbish from the backyard and place it in sacks. Pay careful attention to any bottle caps, butts and other small bits of litter that could be lost easily in the lawn. Make sure everything is cleaned and mopped and nothing exists if you have a balcony.

How to cleanse your garage- You should switch to the garage until you are through with the garden and it is unchanged. You would first need to uninstall everything from there if you have used it for housing. Sort the things and pack them in and order the clean-up of the council or recycle the remaining items. Then every room must be dirty, every cobweb gone, swept and floors mopped. You will still have to take care of them if you see any grate or engine oil flakes on the floor or walls. An excellent way to extract oil tin from the garage is by wiping the tin with a cleaner oven. Wait 15 minutes to scrub the area wired to rinse with a high-pressure garden pan. Then step into the entrance or patio and brush some debris, ensuring there are no oil leaks and no pneumatic tires. If you don’t use a degreaser, a pressure cleaner will need to be used.

How to disinfect ceilings and walls- Begin with the ceilings and walls. You may brush them with a shaft with a long handle or with a floating dry cloth on a stick in high areas. Inspect every inch of the walls and ceilings for fresh cracks, flaws and stains until the dust is clear. You would need to fill them and paint over the position if you find any marks or flaws, so it can match the colour of the space.

Cleaning of air conditioners- Get a soft cloth to scrub the external sections free, then cut the filters to wash them softly under hot water. Enable them to dry and bring it back in the light. You must clean the tubing yourselves since dust frequently collects there when you have a central air conditioning system. Don’t neglect to detach, vacuum, and repair the exhaust fans of kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

Cleaning Blinds & curtains- Look at the blinds and the curtains. If you find any dust and stains, you must take care of them. Aluminium blinds are always fine when washing with a wet cloth, but you must take them down and wash them with a sticker, whether you have Roman shades or some kind of fabric curtains or blinds. If vacuuming is not an alternative, any cobwebs or pollutants can be eliminated and spot cleaning stains can also be carried out using a sponge and soapy water. Without pulling them down, some ruts can be washed without steam.


About the Author

Sophia James is a professional cleaner having more than 5 years in the cleaning industry currently working with Bull18 Cleaners – Best vacate cleaning, End of lease cleaning and bond back cleaners in Bundoora, Melbourne. She loves writing and sharing a variety of blogs on cleaning.

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