Cleaning Hacks to Clean Your Australian Home Fast

Cleaning professionals are always looking for products and cleaning hacks to get the job done faster better and easier. Regardless if it is a five bedroom large home, or a small apartment, the same cleaning needs doing, just at a different scale.

I believe one of the unsung heroes in the cleaning world is the humble dish wand. Yes, we all know about the uses for it in the kitchen; it’s great on pots and pans, dishes, sinks, cutlery, etc however did you know there are tons of other uses for the dish wand around the home?

The reason I love it is because it’s got the sponge on the base, of course, and it also has the soap right here in the handle. So it’s nice and convenient. However, the handle is the secret that’s what gives you all of the cleaning leverage. You can reach into places that you couldn’t otherwise get to, so in this article I am going to explain to you 15 different ways that cleaning pros use these dish wands around the home.

If you’ve ever been given a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you know what happens at the end of the week. You’ve got some composting to do and then you have to clean up that vase. An easy way to do it is to use a dish wand with a non scratching head. It gets right into the nooks and crannies and makes the job so much easier.

The same thing applies with the microwave. The extra leverage that you get with the handle makes cleaning the microwave much, much easier. A quick wipe of a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go.

Another one of my favourite cleaning hacks in the kitchen. Cleaning the fridge is often a difficult job and if you don’t feel like taking all of the shelves and the little baskets and trays out, an easy fix for that is to use a dish wand. They have a microfiber cloth with some water on it to rinse off any soapy stuff and then replace for kitchen jobs involving the infamous meat juice cleanup.

Another place this brush comes in handy is the washing machine of course. I’m using a different one here that I used on the cutting board, however you can use this to clean out the drum of your washing machine. If you’ve got any hard water deposits, feel free to use a bit of vinegar in there as well and with a quick swap out to my non scratch head I’m going to use this dish wash to clean my bathroom tiles.

This is one of the best ways to clean tiles. If you’re looking for that extra bit of reach or some help with mobility this is an awesome cleaning tool for that job. Of course, you’ll use a different head for this job however cleaning the base and the surround of a toilet is a really important thing to do, when you’re maintaining your bathroom.

Yes, we all know that is it not the most exciting job, which is why I love using the dish wand. I don’t have to get my hands dirty, and it reaches in places I don’t necessarily want to and it makes the toilet area super clean. Speaking of bathroom floors you can also use the same head to clean grout. I didn’t use any other head here I don’t want to worry about scratching which is why I’m going with the non scratch head again and wipe it clean when you’re done.

I also love using this on outdoor patio furniture as well. These brush scrubbers are amazing for cleaning durable fabrics and it really gets that dirt out, especially if the furniture has been out all season. Now here’s where that heavy duty sponge is going to come in handy, cleaning BBQ grates that you don’t feel like taking this job inside, you can do it outside with one of these guys.

A good supply of dish soap and a little bit of elbow grease, however I got to tell you that carbonised grease can come off pretty easily. Actually, the same thing goes for the oven inside. Whether you’re cooking outdoors or indoors, there’s definitely some cleanup required. This is what I would recommend for a non self-cleaning oven. If it’s self-cleaning, don’t waste your time just let the oven do the work for you and we’ll go from burning casseroles to burning rubber.

Another one of my cleaning hacks, this time outdoors, you can use the exact same head to clean your tyres on your car! If you notice they’re a little bit dirty and you want to put that new car shine on them, do this now for your rims you can switch back to that brush scrubber head. It’s great at getting into those detailed spots, however unlike a cleaning toothbrush that would require a lot of scrubbing and you’d have to constantly dip into soapy water, this is a one and done.

The same scrubber head can be used to clean out your garbage and recycling bins. I’m using this little recycling bin we have in the kitchen however you better believe we have some pretty yucky ones in the garage.

There’s my cleaning hacks for today. Please, always remember to clean the dish wand heads between uses and be mindful of any cross-contamination.

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