Types of Australian Gin: What’s Your Gin Type?

All across Australia, the popular drink, Gin, is becoming even more popular. There are many varieties of Gin, and we explain.

What is Gin?

Gin is basically an alcoholic spirit, which originated from the Northern European country of Germany. From the 17th century onwards, people from the Northern Europe countries were at the forefront of alcohol science and production, therefore, produced several types of alcohol, including Gin.

The traditional Gin drink in Australia is Gin Rickey, which is a drink composed of Gin, soda water and a small amount of sugar. Origin of Gin Gin was introduced into the northern English town of Newcastle in 1778, where it was made from grain distilled with a yeast. By the 18th century, gin was also produced in Scotland, Ireland, and Hungary, however it was mainly considered a brandy.

It was only later when some of the British found it to be a more refreshing drink.

Types of Gin

The 5 types of Gin there are, depending on the area of Australia. Dry Gin Dry Gin (or “Ketel”) Gin is a distinctive style of Gin where the “K” in the word “Gin” has been replaced with “Ketel” for consistency’s sake, meaning “Ketel One.” “Ketel” is one of the main ingredients of the gin.

The name “Dry” means that the Gin must be ‘Dry Distilled’. Unlike dry Martini’s and the “Grand Cru” or “Cask Strength” Gin’s, the recipe for “Dry Gin” is for a Gin so pure that it can still contain no sugar (meaning no sweetening ingredients or caramel colouring).

There are many varieties of Gin however only 5 variations are approved and provided for sale in Australia. Ketel One Botanical Gin is made with three botanical flavours.

London Dry Gin

This Gin uses three types of botanicals.

1. Top and bottom juniper berries

2. Chipotle peppercorns

3. Cornichon.

This gin is quite a bit stronger than the others in the category.

Oloroso Gin

This Gin uses three types of botanicals:

1. Top and bottom Oloroso sherry

2. Anise seed

3. Tarragon

There’s also a version which uses juniper berries and other botanicals which will make a similar taste to tonic water. So, the best way to discover which Gin is for you, is to try a variety!

Gin with coconut

It may sound unusual, however you can mix it with Gin and coconut. This is the popular flavour of drinks such as White Grenade, Gin and Tonic, and Singapore Slings. The taste is a hit because it gives you the aroma and taste of gin however the substance is as smooth and sweet as coconut.

Gin with strawberry and lime Like the previous, it may sound odd, however you can also mix it with Gin and Strawberry and Lime. This flavor is very popular among adults because it can be eaten like you would eat a slice of strawberry, without the hassle of a straw.

Gin with elderflower The last flavour is the most sought-after one. It can be yours with Gin and elderflower. It is refreshing and gives a funny look to the drink.

Types of Australian Gin: What's Your Gin Type?
Types of Australian Gin: What’s Your Gin Type?

Gin with lavender

Though Australian popular brands like Midnight Oil Gin and Snow White Gin don’t use lavender, you can still try it and give it a go! You can find lavender-infused varieties on the shelves of many liquor stores across Australia.

What’s in Gin? There are quite a few different types of Australian gin on the market, each with their own flavour, colour, and strength.

There are three main types of Gin: Brandy: A wine, brandy or rum made from a distilled alcoholic spirit, such as whisky, gin, rum, brandy or vodka. A wine, brandy or rum made from a distilled alcoholic spirit, such as whisky, gin, rum, brandy or vodka. Liqueur: A sweet or flavoured liqueur. Typically used in cocktails. A sweet or flavoured liqueur. Typically used in cocktails.

Gin with almonds

After the Australian gin craze that started a few years ago, which peaked in 2015, there are now many varieties of Gin available. The variants include everything from fresh, herbal to bitter. The popular and trending ingredient, almonds, plays a part in some of these unique gin drinks.

One way to try a number of different flavours is by combining different Gin drinks. A typical Gin is a blend of many types of herbs and spices, and they are known for their bold and spicy flavours. It is in the Gin that the flavours of the natural ingredients can shine, which makes these cocktails refreshingly different.

The new craze in Gin is to give the Gin a more earthy flavour, and add a touch of nuts. Such flavour combinations make it much more exciting to sip.

Gin with basil

Most Gin drinkers are familiar with the classic London Dry style Gin. However, one way to enhance the flavour of Gin without needing to splash out on top quality botanicals is to mix it with a little Basil Leaf. It adds just the right flavour, balancing the bitter note of the Gin.

Wet Gin Gin has been traditionally made from all-natural ingredients, so naturally, many of the less natural varieties have a flavour that’s extremely strong. Whilst Gin makers in Spain have developed a hybrid of Gin and Tequila called Agavo, the same cannot be said for the Australian market.

However, there are many other versions of Gin that use botanicals and a drier and more aromatic style that we can identify as wet Gin.

Australian Gin: conclusion

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