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Why Tiny Houses Have Become So Big in Australia
Home & Garden

Why Tiny Houses Have Become So Big in Australia

The tiny house movement which is also commonly referred to as the “small house movement” is an architectural and social movement in Australia and around the globe, that implores people to live in small houses. However, till this day, there is no clear definition as to which components constitute a tiny house. However, a house …

Types of Australian Gin: What's Your Gin Type?
Food & Drink

Types of Australian Gin: What’s Your Gin Type?

All across Australia, the popular drink, Gin, is becoming even more popular. There are many varieties of Gin, and we explain. What is Gin? Gin is basically an alcoholic spirit, which originated from the Northern European country of Germany. From the 17th century onwards, people from the Northern Europe countries were at the forefront of …

How to have an Organised and Minimalised Wardrobe

How to have an Organised and Minimalised Wardrobe

On my list of places to declutter are my closet, the bathroom, the laundry room, the shed and gosh the list just goes on and on! Since I want to have SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound), I will not say that I will finish with all those areas by the end of …

Crash diets do not work
Health & Fitness

Crash Diets Are Not an Effective Way to Lose Weight

Using crash diets to lose weight is extremely popular. When researching the topic I found that a lot of diets that are referred to as “crash diets” aren’t necessarily “real crash diets.” Crash Diets Defined As used here, crash diets refers to any type of diet that severely restricts caloric intake with the goal of …

campsite setup tips

5 Campsite Setup Tips for a Fantastic Camping Trip

These campsite setup tips were compiled over many experiences and lessons learned. Whether you’re going on a weekend campout or pitching a tent along the Appalachian Trail, use these tips to help plan your campsite. Some campsite setup tips are unique to the campers and the location and the conditions. For example, campers with children …

growing chillies and capsicums
Home & Garden

The Enjoyment of Growing Chillies and Capsicums

Growing chillies and capsicums is cheap and fun – they come in so many different colours and varieties, and growing your own means you save your grocery bill. This article takes you through the main points. Enjoy! Growing capsicums – which ones should I choose? If you are thinking of growing capsicums, have a think …

survive a financial disaster
Personal Finance

8 Proven Ways for You to Survive a Financial Disaster

Even though you thought you were prepared, financial disaster struck. You were wiped out…all your money gone…your plans put on hold, perhaps indefinitely. What are you supposed to do now? How do you survive a financial disaster and start over again? Your finances may not be that bad, but economic woes are commonplace nowadays. Who …

growing herbs at home
Home & Garden

Your Guide to Eating and Growing Herbs at Home

Herbs are essential in great vegetarian recipes, and if you can grow your own, so much the better! When it comes to herb recipes, my garden is my inspiration of growing herbs at home! Even if it hasn’t been a great year for vegetable growing – and that is definitely the case this year – …

How to Organise Yourself

How to Organise Yourself by Knowing Your Working Style

Everyone works in a different way and has different organisational needs. The techniques I suggest to one client may not work for another. The first step to knowing which organisational systems will make you more efficient is recognising your own particular working style. In oder to organise yourself, I’ve found that most people fall into …

divorce in Western Australia

Your Essential Guide to Divorce in Western Australia

The divorce component of family law in Western Australia applies to couples who are (or were) married or during a de facto relationship. De facto under Australian law is a couple who have lived together in a relationship for at least two years, unless you have had children together or there have been substantial contributions …

writing things down

Organise Your Thoughts by Writing Things Down

The notebook, a simple tool that you can use to organise your thoughts and writing things down. You might already have gotten into the habit of writing things down and have discovered how helpful it can be. I actually have just started writing things down a few months ago. Before I found out how useful jotting …