Travel Guide: 10 Amazing Things to Do in Tasmania

Welcome to Tasmania’s fabulous capital Hobart. We have ten amazing things to do in Tasmania starting here in Hobart’s historic Salamanca waterfront precinct.

Every Saturday, the famous Salamanca markets are held right here and it’s a must-see a renowned for fresh food, arts and crafts and more. The Salamanca market is not only a great place to pick up a souvenir of your trip, it’s also a great way to mix and mingle with the locals. You name it, it’s here to be purchased every Saturday morning.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bonorong Sanctuary is located 30 minutes drive north of Hobart and is home to a variety of furry and feathered Australian animals. The sanctuary operates a 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Service across Tasmania and the majority of funding comes from entry proceeds. There are always hungry mouths to feed, and none more so than the parks feisty Tasmanian Devils. The sanctuary is open daily and yes even Devils have a cuddly side.

Port Arthur

Located on the stunning Tasman Peninsula, the Port Arthur historic site offers an incredible opportunity to step back in time to the 19th century when more than 12,000 convicts were sent here. Nowadays, it’s very popular for Aussies to embrace their inner convict however all jokes aside the Port Arthur penal settlement was one of the most brutal in the whole of the British Empire. Only the most hardened of criminals were sent here, so you can imagine what sort of place it was back in its day. Today of course, it is a popular tourist attraction and it’s a great place to stop and reflect on our colonial history.

There’s plenty to see and do during a visit to Port Arthur a 40-minute guided walking tour is included in the cost of your ticket. Make sure you leave enough time to visit the fully restored separate prison. It gives a thorough understanding of the day-to-day lives of convicts in solitary confinement.

Your ticket also includes a harbour cruise past the aptly named Isle of the Dead aware over a thousand convicts were laid to rest during this harsh chapter in our nation’s history.


Continuing up Tasmania’s east coast, is the town of Bicheno. This town is famous for its colony of little penguins. Another of our favourite things to do in Tasmania, is to go on an evening visit to the Penguins.

What’s great about this experience is that it’s small-scale and the Penguins are free to roam where they like (and they do!).

Woolmers Estate

Across to the town of Longford and Woolmers Estate built by Thomas Archer. The first in the 19th century, Woolmers Estate is another wonderful opportunity to step back in time to the colonial era. It has been meticulously preserved and the grand home is packed with an incredible array of original furnishings.

Make your final stop the award-winning National Rose Garden with its exquisite collection of historic roses. It is only an hour’s drive from Woolmers Estate.


Another one of our things to do in Tasmania, is this beuatiful town. One of the most colourful town in Tasmania, Sheffield is famous for its collection of life-sized murals that are adorned buildings across the town centre and the annual international mural fest event takes place at Easter.

Sheffield is located in the heart of the cradle mountain touring region and spectacular cradle mountain lakes and Clare National Park. One of the islands top attractions, there are plenty of hikes and running tracks around the Lake that offer absolutely incredible views of the National Park.


You have two amazing opportunities to experience one of the state’s most iconic wilderness areas. Firstly join Gordon river cruises on a breathtaking three-hour cruise on Macquarie Harbour and the incomparable Gordon River. The cruise includes two stops one at historic Sarah Island and one at Heritage landing for a guided walk through the majestic rainforest.

Part two of your exploration of the west coast is a ride on the wilderness railway opened in 1896 to transport copper. The railway has been fully restored and is a unique way to experience the history of this tough Tasmanian outpost.

So there’s our list of things to do in Tasmania – enjoy!

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