Pre-Diabetes and Preventing Its Progression

Did you notice sudden (without any solid reason) weight loss, loss of appetite or feeling fatigue? Chances are that you might be on the verge of catching diabetes. If the doctor diagnoses pre-diabetes, you might feel unmotivated to take action but it is important to take some serious action against it.

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The goal is to get the blood sugar level balanced in the pre-diabetes range. This can be achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and changing our daily routine. 

What is pre-diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is a human condition in which the blood sugar levels rise, than that of normal, but not high enough that causes type 2 diabetes. If an adult is diagnosed with pre-diabetes, then it leads to the damage of heart, blood vessels and kidneys damaging due to the diagnosis of diabetes.

It has been observed that people with a history of pre-diabetes, often develop type 2 diabetes in the near or distant future. In short, the stage before the person succumbs to diabetes.

At this stage the mild symptoms that a person experiences is the loss of hunger, and loss of weight of approximately by 15-20 pounds. Adopting healthy habits like exercise and consumption of the right nutrients can bring back the sugar levels to normal, which prevents them from getting type 2 diabetes.

Many serious health issues including that of heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys could be prevented if pre-diabetes treatment is seriously  taken for consideration, and may also pave the way for prevention of type 2 diabetes.

What are the causes of pre-diabetes?

What exactly causes pre-diabetes is unknown, but it mostly happens because of genetics. If someone is diabetic from your family, then you are likely to get it. The lack of regular exercise, being overweight with additional fat around the abdomen are also some factors. Moreover, higher levels of cortisol hormones may also lead to increase in blood glucose levels.

One thing that is clear about pre-diabetes is, it does not process sugar properly anymore. Sugar gets into the blood, instead of giving energy to the cells. This irregular movement is also a symptom of pre-diabetes. 

Insulin is required to move sugar from the bloodstream to one’s body’s cells. Insulin circulates and allows sugar to enter cells, that lowers the amount of sugar in the blood. It comes from the pancreas and sends blood when you eat. As insulin circulates, it allows sugar to enter the cells, and lower the amount of sugar in blood. When your sugar level drops, the pancreas slows down the secretion of insulin into the blood. 

When you have pre-diabetes, this process doesn’t work well. Your pancreas may not make enough insulin or cells may not allow that. This is how instead of fuelling your cells, sugar builds up in your bloodstream that further progresses in diabetes.  

How to stop its progression?

By taking the right precautions you can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58% and 71% if you are above 60. The measures are as follows:- 

  • Adding exercise, yoga, meditation, and healthy diets to your daily routine. Also, consult Helensvale medical centre for some nutritional and healthy tips. 
  • Hire a professional who guides you for physical exercise and gives proper nourishment to your body.  
  • Staying away from stress, worrying less, staying motivated towards living life fully, and engaging more in productive activities. 
  • Getting support from the people who are diabetic, or on the early stage of diabetes, so that both of you can cure yourselves as soon as possible. 
  • One of the convenient way is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates , that would definitely help in maintaining the sugar levels to the optimum levels.
  • Weight loss is one of the most proven methods to reduce the chances of developing diabetes.It has been scientifically proven that reducing weight by 5-10% can drastically do wonders.

Thus, these are some of the causes of diabetes and ways to stop its progression. Diabetes is most common among the people who are above 60 or older. It is caused by a lot of consumption of sweets, sugar, liquids, junk food, cold drinks, and also some toxic habits like drinking and smoking.

So, to prevent all this and not getting pre-diabetic one must take preventive measures, and follow a healthy routine, that leads them to healthy living and a better lifestyle. 


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