Best Juice Fasting Plans to Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

Juice fasting is an excellent way to get rid of any excess weight and cleanse your body of accumulated waste. It is also a tool for nourishing the body and encouraging healing; while the body is shedding what is does not need, it is also taking in nutrition from the fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Follow this seven day juice fasting plans to naturally detoxify and increase your well-being.

Seven days of fasting is enough time to cleanse and revitalize, however it also starts the natural healing process. If you have never been on a juice fast before, start with a one to three day detoxing cleanse and then use the seven day plan when you are ready. Also, talk to your doctor before starting any type of fasting diet to make sure you are in good health.

If you grow your own citrus trees in pots, then you have an advantage for the fruits. If you do have a medical condition or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid any type of fasting program.

The Day Before

Right before you are about to fast you do not want to eat lots of heavy foods. Eating a steak and french fries or roasted chicken and pasta the day before will make the cleansing process less effective and it will make it more difficult to start the fast the following day.

The day before starting your juice fast eat light foods. Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are easy to digest such as yogurt, oatmeal, and brown rice. Eat a green salad in the evening and consider taking a fibre supplement. The day before is about cleansing and preparing.

Every Morning

Start each morning with a tonic to help cleanse the liver. Squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon or lime in a glass of distilled water. Stir in one teaspoon of honey if desired and drink. Next prepare a cup of green tea, which stimulates the nervous system and the metabolism, increasing fat burning. For breakfast enjoy a fresh fruit drink. Try a combination of papaya, pineapple, and apple or strawberries with melon.


During the middle of the day drink a glass of either fresh carrot, apple, or cranberry juice. Also, enjoy a cup of cleansing herbal tea, such as ginger, peppermint, or licorices. Be sure to drink distilled water throughout the day to support the cleansing process and to make sure that the body has plenty of fluids.

Each Evening

During the evening of your juice fast, enjoy a fresh vegetable drink. Try beets, parsley, and carrots. Fresh tomato blended with watercress and lime juice is another great combination. Blend different vegetables together, focusing on what is fresh and what is in season.

Later in the evening, enjoy a cup of vegetable broth for more nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Finish the day with another cup of herbal tea. Red clover and peppermint blend well together to relax the body and to encourage the release of toxins.

The Day After

The day after the juice fast start with a few light foods, such as a glass of fresh orange juice and a banana or dates. Try natural, raw foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You will notice that the food that you do eat is bursting with flavour. Try a ripe avocado and sliced tomato drizzled with olive oil or almonds with dried apricots.

After completing a juice fasting plan you will feel energised and revitalised. Enjoy the physical and mental renewal and stick with a nutrient-rich diet to stay in excellent condition!

Juice Fasting Plans: A few words of advice

A specific and proven fasting plan should be followed while you take your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, as without an effective plan the fast will obviously fail in its purposes. My personal experiences have mirrored this numerous times as I would blindly drink random juices without any specific goal. Little to say that during those times I didn’t get anywhere as the experience was quite unpleasant.

A few important factors must be considered before you begin juice fasting. Primarily and most importantly, any fasting plan must have a tangible and well defined goal to be achieved. An aimless desire to lose a few extra pounds won’t be enough to work as a determinant of success in this case. A concrete will to fit in that t-shirt you’ve always wanted however never found it in your own size, or perhaps you’d simply like to shop in a regular store instead of a plus size store.

I consider these types of goals to be some of the most effective motivators for juice fasting. These are goals that you can aim at with a clear vision of what you are expecting and use your inner force and determination for a well desired cause. The idea of losing 20 kilograms is not a bad goal at all, however you have to have a clear answer to why you want to lose all that weight. To find the perfect goal, you’ll need to ask yourself “What is the image of myself that I really want however can’t have because of my current weight?”

Secondly, most successful juice fasting plans will require an accountable partner. It’s crucial to have someone encouraging you throughout the mission, monitoring progress, and above all always reminding you to remain focused on the Ultimate Goal.

Even after finding your accountability partner, you should share with everyone, your buddies and local folks about your recently initiated project of juice fasting to reduce weight and get fit. Their positive and encouraging feedback will give you extra boosts of willpower and also reduce the chances of failure throughout your journey to a lighter and brighter future.

The third set of keystones in my case were regular updates regarding the matter on my blog and social media pages like Facebook, YouTube and many others. This way your friends or any audience involved in supporting and encouraging your fasting will boost up your chances of success.

Once all of the above three steps are taken care of accordingly, go home and give up/away all the food except fruits and vegetables. You’ll also need to get a juicer so that you can start making your own juices. With fruits, vegetables, and a juicer, you are now ready to start fasting.

Juice Fasting is simply the consumption of juice drinks instead of your regular meals, snacks, and any other solid food. It will be perfect if you maintain a ratio of 80% vegetables and 20% fruits in your daily juices. Using too much fruit will eventually slow down any weight loss as the extra fruits are sources of extra sugar or calories. Some awesome juices can be taken regularly for impressive results.

Breakfast with “Lemon Ginger Blast”, lunch with “Mean Green” and a dinner with “Nice Green” will be as good as any of the paid juice fasting plans. A straight Carrot juice can also be taken for snacks at any time if you feel the need for one.

The best thing about juice fasting is that you can drink your juices as much as you want! You only need to make sure that you have at least 64 oz of juice every day. Getting at least this amount into your diet will enrich your body with chlorophyll and other micronutrients necessary for effective weight loss. Juice fasting will also help to fix many other health issues you may have been suffering from.

In addition to your juices it is also important to have at least 64 oz of water every day. Without drinking adequate water and juice your body will very likely go into starvation mode. Less liquids or dehydration also tends to stall weight loss. You should keep your body as hydrated as possible by consuming large amounts water in between your juices.

At last when the time comes to end your juice fast gradually transition to a regular healthy diet of fruits and salads on the first day without any juices. Have heavier items such as meats and tougher fruits added into your diet later. You can have Avocados on the 3rd day and maybe nuts and seeds after a few more days.

Give your stomach only raw food for at least three days before terminating your juice fast and switching completely back to a regular food habit. Always remember the primary goal of your juice fast and watch what you eat and how much. Remembering the goal you set for yourself will help you keep your hard earned healthiness as you stop your best juice fasting plans.

You surely will find that maintaining a healthy diet becomes easier once you have completed a successful juice fast. Your craving for junk food will also tremendously diminish afterwards.

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