What Packing Supplies You Need To Move Home

Moving home can be a stressful time. What you don’t need is the stress of not having packing supplies to pack up your belongings. In this blog, we look at what packing supplies you will need when moving house and how to organise them to make them easy to find.

We hope our blog post has been helpful for those of you looking for information on packing supplies for moving home.

List Of Packing Supplies You Need

We are listing packing supplies needs, so please check all the following before you planning for moving:


Boxes are the most important thing you need for packing your household items or your office belongings. You can use paper boxes to pack breakable items, and you can also purchase packing tape or moving labels to seal your boxes.

It would help if you had all sizes of boxes according to the size of things you are packing, for example, small, medium, large etc.

Labelling Materials

It would help if you did labels on each box to know what is inside the box. We all are used to labels, which come in different shapes and sizes. You can also use packing tape or moving stickers for labelling your boxes or items you are packing carefully.

Biodegradable Packing Tape

It would help if you had something to seal your boxes so they would not open during transit. We recommend a biodegradable packing tape made from plant-based ingredients as it does not contain any toxic substance or emits harmful chemicals in the air when sealed with those tapes.

It is environmentally friendly and sustainable too! Of course, other types of tapes will work just fine if you don’t want to get this one!

Moving Blanket/Mattress Cover

It’s always better to keep some moving blankets or mattress covers for your fragile items. These could be the ones on top of the bed, sheets, table cloths etc. It is also advisable to use moving blankets when packing up clothes and other textile goods as these materials can easily get creased if you don’t take care.

Packing Paper/Moving Boxes

You’ll need a lot of boxes when it’s time to pack everything in! And that means getting enough packing paper too, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough space because there are no more available papers or boxes left over after all those good long days at work anymore!

We recommend that you go with cardboard-based rather than plastic-based products as they do not contain.

Tissue Paper

Yes, Tissue Paper, that thing that you use to “wrap” your prized possessions like a wedding dress, quilt or heirloom jewellery! What better way of protecting these items before boxing them up than by using tissue paper first? It’s a must-have for sentimental people and looking forward to displaying their treasures once they get home.


Keep a pen or marker with you to write down some important notes on boxes you’re going to pack. What would happen if you forgot which box contains the living room table and which one has the TV? You’ll be glad that pens/markers are with you when it comes time for unpacking!

Wet wipes

They may not look like packing supplies, but wet wipes will come in handy during moving days and beyond. Use them before handling furniture or boxes to avoid dirt on your hands; use them after dinner to clean up those dirty fingers from an afternoon of cooking! They can also be used as a substitute for paper napkins. So make sure they’re within reach at all times.

Bubble Wrap (or other packing material)

Bubble wrap working for breakable items? What about packing items that you want to keep safe? Before using a box, wrap the container with bubble wrap inside so it protects during transport.

Pack some boxes and paper before moving day arrives! This way, you’ll have everything ready when it’s time to pack up your old home.

Rug Or Carpet Protector

It would help if you had it for furniture with delicate surfaces so it won’t be damaged by the furniture moving around. We’ve all seen them in a terrible condition after we moved into our new home, thanks to the scuffs from heavy objects on top of it.

Rug or carpet protectors are so easy to use! They’re made of soft fabric that you wrap over delicate surfaces so they can move with ease.

Rubber Gloves

We know you want to go straight back inside after unpacking everything but make sure you have rubber gloves handy before going anywhere near any dirtier.

Cargo Straps Or Rope

Why are cargo straps or ropes required? Here we are talking about securing items in the truck. They act as a safety net, ensuring that your furniture and possessions are safe.

Cleaning Supplies

Pack some cleaning supplies like dish soap, sponges, lint rollers and paper towels to keep dirt off of surfaces from moving around inside the house while you’re unpacking. What room should they go into when packing up?

Place them all in one central location where it’s easy to be found – this will make life much easier on day two.

Tool Set

For some items you need to de-construct, you’ll need the right tools. What can be used for furniture that requires disassembly? A toolset – but make sure it’s not in a place where they could get lost or damaged.

Plastic Bags

How are plastic bags useful? If you disassemble furniture, then you need to keep its screws, bolts into something, and at this time, Plastic bags are convenient and useful.

How Much Stuff?

It’s important to be realistic about how much space you have for your belongings. What should you do if the move needs more time than expected? If it looks like there’s not enough room at your new place, then look into hiring a larger truck or adding on another day of moving to fit everything in.

It might cost extra but save money down the line by avoiding paying storage and rental fees while waiting for things to clear out.

Contact Optimove For Your Packing And Unpacking Needs

If you do not buy these above, call Optimove Brisbane removals at 1300 400 874 to pack and unpack for you. We have all these items for packing, and we have all the equipment for this service.

We will come to you and do all the packing as per your desire, and after the moving is done, our interstate and local removalists will also do the unpacking as per your new home or office.

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