8 Moving Tips for a New Homeowner

When you move to a new home, there is plenty to remember. And while we always imagine moving steps such as packing and unpacking to be the only main items that stand in the way of truly settling in, it is really the items you do that make the most difference when moving into a new home.

Having a bond with your property, learning how it works and giving consideration to what tasks you would like to pursue is a part of your job as a homeowner — and when you move in, it’s best that you do it right rather than waiting and just think about it afterward.

Naturally, you have a lot to do now. So there are 8 most important tips to do in moving to a new location to help you get your rundown straight. Most of these steps are not very time-intensive, but you have to do it intentionally. Please read what you need to do and then make a schedule. Soon, hopefully, you’ll sit back and pop up your new home, open the champagne and celebrate.

Many issues happen when we are the new owner. You have to get used to certain changes in an unfamiliar home. When you become more and more a packing specialist, you will be all about moving into a new home. These tips are also unbelievably helpful for each potential homeowner in this first or fifth phase. Be sure that all things on this new checklist are done to ensure that your new home is secure, tidy and stress-free.

Cleaning of your new home

Start your new home at the right foot by cleaning each nook and cranny. You want to move to a home of which you are proud and it’s a nice place to start a clean home. Before you visit or before you do so, please arrange for a cleaning service to clean your new house.

Make sure that there is enough washing time before the truck gets there. Bring a cleaning kit to tidy up every minor mess you make when you walk in.

Book an Exterminator

You don’t need an infestation for your house to contact an exterminator. You should, in particular, prepare one to search your home every so often to avoid pests and find out that you were unaware of any dangerous problems. You really don’t know how many times the occupants have tested their homes until they have done so.

Change the locks in your new home

You can trust the former owners, but you don’t really know how many other house keys are. Many people send their families and friends additional keys in the event of a lock-out or an emergency, but many keys are likely to lay down, depending on the number of former homeowners. You should be healthy and at peace of mind if you want to invest in a new hardware package.

Change your address for bank accounts

Your loved ones already know that you’re heading to a new place, but did you let your credit card provider know about it? Making sure you contact your issuer, your credit card provider, your lenders and your best removalists sydney.

The default on popular online shopping pages, such as Amazon, you would also like to change. Sign up for auto-billing if you’re ever nervous about missing a bill.

Understand where the shutdown valves are

Be sure everybody in your household knows the location of the shut-off valves. Start with the valves that are smaller. Check behind the toilets and under the sinks for water controls, as well as gas controls by your stove or dryer. Identify your main shut-off valves next and most importantly. In your basement, at the front of your building, is the first place you can look.

Knowing where they are will stop you from fixing water damage caused by a broken pipe for hundreds of dollars. Your circuit breaker should also be found. Get acquainted with each turn and what it disables. For easy use, colour code each switch and place a key to the breaker on the back of the lock.

Making sure the downspouts range 5 feet from the building

Water damage occurs slowly over time and can create built-up friction, causing weakening and leaking of the foundation. Hold water downsides from your house at least five feet away to ensure that your cellar is not watered. You should invest in a rain barrel if you wish to be eco conscious, which collects the rainwater and helps you to reuse it for activities such as watering the lawn.

Purchase a stud finder

You would be inspired and tempted to start picturing and decorating to make your new house sound like a house. However, when pipes, cables, and ductwork are all concealed behind the doors, you should be vigilant. To further prevent inadvertently drilling into the important, invest in a stud finder.

Try to stop digging any more than 1 “into your walls if you are ever unsure. Items such as ductwork or cables will usually be covered deeper, so they will not be impacted by this.

Emergencies Schedule

Be diligent to prepare for emergencies in advance. Start by assembling a list of vital numbers, such as the nearest police department and poison control. Then move on to numbers like fire alarms, electricians and those with fewer cruciformly.

If you’re new to the city, inquire around and see if they can say your neighbours have some go-to individuals. If not, ask local Facebook groups or search out trustworthy sites for top-rated contractors in your area. Keep this list anywhere open for children, or if something goes wrong, you need a number right away.


You did everything on the latest homeowner checklist officially before you ended item No. 8. We hope that you will love your new home and that these 8 tips will help you step into this new phase of your life.


About the Author

Kathe Jonson has been associated with the Moving and Packing Industry for more than 10 years she is an expert in the logistics and transportation niche. Kathe has been associated with CBD Movers, a professional movers and removalists in Sydney, Australia. She loves writing and shares a variety of blogs within the logistics realm.

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