How Does Massage Therapy Help Reduce Lower Back Pain

The majority of healthcare workers now recognise that body massage for lower back pain as beneficial and they will actively encourage patients with back pain to seek massage therapy, to compliment any prescribed conventional medical treatment.

Lower back pain can range in severity from an occasional ache to a debilitating level of pain that affects a person’s entire life and work.

Lower back pain can be brought on by how a person sits, walks, exercises or sleeps. Acute lower back pain which is lasting less than 6 weeks in duration, may resolve itself with little or no intervention.

However, chronic lower back pain, which has been going longer than six weeks in duration, requires immediate medical attention. There are several forms of body massage that are particularly effective for lower back pain.

Massage, along with longer term solutions such as regular yoga practice and stretching exercises, can really help those suffering from any form os pains.

Thai and Swedish body massage styles are proven to relieve chronic lower back pain. Swedish body massage for lower back pain is a technique that relaxes muscles in the lower back using a variety of different pressures.

Typically, the back is rubbed in the direction in which blood flows back to the heart. Alternatively, Thai body massage therapy uses a technique that pulls and stretches the area of the back and neck.

In scientific studies, massage therapy was found to improve mental well-being by lessening the feelings of anxiety and depression, whilst also enhancing the quality of sleep.

Various body massage oils may be used during body massage to reduce friction or for benefits from relaxation and aromatherapy during the body massage.

Body massage relaxes the muscles, allowing them to achieve an improved motion range, which also improves blood circulation which aids in the recovery of muscle strain and pains.

Relaxation of your muscles also prevents other related ailments, such as insomnia, posture, and range of motion. Typically, massage therapy also releases a higher level of endorphins into your body, leading to the effectiveness of body massage for managing chronic back pain.

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