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8 Indoor Plants Perfect for Australian Apartment Living

Australian indoor plants

There’s something about plants and flowers, how they brighten any indoor space, they can add to an apartments decor and lift your mood. Like many who live in apartments, we can’t exactly have a big vegetable patch or huge garden.

So, if you are like me and don’t have that option, here are some great ideas for indoor plants that are perfect for an apartment lifestyle.


You can literally create a tiny work of art with your favourite Bonsai tree. Once you dive into the world of plants, start your own small veggie garden in the kitchen! Fresh tomatoes; need I say more?


I’ve always been a huge fan of the desert, so it’s nice to bring it home. Want a pop of colour? Try the Moon Cactus (Grafted Cactus).


Ferns actually aren’t as generic as you might first assume. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Try a Crocodile Fern for a touch of interesting texture.


Do you have a bit more space to spare? This small tree loves sunlight, and you can even braid its stems.


Why not grow some of your favourite herbs in little pots on a windowsill? This helps save you money from buying them at the shops, and adds some colour to your kitchen.


Want something with a little more drama? Devil’s Ivy (Golden Pothos) and English Ivy are both beautiful options, and like many indoor plants, help purify the air in your apartment.


Are you ready for a challenge? Bring the beach inside with smaller indoor palms, like the Areca Palm and the Sentry Palm. They’re a bit tougher to care for, but are worth the extra effort!


My niece has a thing for tiny succulent plants, and has scattered several throughout her apartment. They’re easy to take care of, come in all shapes and sizes, and (bonus) some, like Aloe Vera, even purify the air.

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