How to Grow Carrot at Home

What’s better than eating organic vegetables? Eating your own homegrown organic vegetables! Let’s talk about how to grow Carrot in your Perth backyard.

(Whilst most of this guide suits anywhere in Australia, check local conditions for growing months if you live outside Perth.)

Did you know that working your hands in the soil has been proven to improve your immune system and your mental health? Studies show that gardeners are less stressed, and live longer.

Australian backyard vegetables

When should you plant Carrot?

The best months to plant Carrot in Perth are Se-May. You can plant using Seed, ideally when the soil temperature is around 10-20 degrees celcius and the air is around 10-25 degree celcius.

Seeds or Transplant? Seed

Ideal air temp: 10-25c

Ideal soil temp: 10-20c

Can Carrot grow in pots?

Yes, they can grow in pots. Be mindful of the size they grow to.

The great thing about planting Carrot in pots is that you can move them around easily, should they need more or less sun, or are getting attacked by pests. In some cases, you can even grow Carrot indoors, as long as the position can get enough sun.

Grow your own vegetables

How much sun should Carrot get?

You will discover that Carrot thrives on Full sun.

Some gardens get more shade than others, and your direction north etc varies. Try the ideal position first, and if the Carrot isn’t growing well enough, maybe try a more or less sunnier spot.

A garden is a friend you can visit any time.

Okakura Kakuzo

How often should you water Carrot?

Carrot really enjoys when it gets Regular watering.

They prefer soil that is Medium rich, well-drained.

When can you harvest?

Being a 6-8Weeks vegetable, the ideal time to harvest your Carrot crop is around All Year. Play it by ear though, and just see how your plant(s) do this season.

Vegetable growing in Perth

Growing Carrot in rows

If you are getting serious with your vegetable garden, you may wish to grow Carrot in rows. You’ll need to allow around 25 centimetres between rows, and 5 centimetres between each seedling or seed.

Space between rows: 25 cm

Space between seedlings: 5 cm

Keep the seeds!

Did you know that you can keep Carrot seeds for up to 3 years, and use them to grow more next season?

To get the best results you must talk to your vegetables.

Prince Charles

Vegetables at home

Enjoy delicious Carrot in your Perth garden

You can save so much money by growing Carrot in your own backyard.

Growing even a a pot or two of vegetables that you can then eat can save you a truckloads of money. Home grown veggies are valuable, especially when compared to the price of organic vegetables in the shops.

I hope you found this guide useful, and that you soon start growing some veges for yourself.

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