Complete Guide to Growing Valerian in Perth

Welcome to the complete guide to growing Valerian in Perth. In this article, we will walk through how to grow Valerian in your garden.

Growing herbs at home is so very easy, and is also super satisfying to do. Before we have even harvested these herbs for all their health benefits, we get the therapeutic effects of being involved in their growth.

Potted herb

Best time to grow Valerian in Perth

The best time to grow this yummy herb in Perth, is between Sep-Dec.

If you are considering growing it elsewhere, you better check local weather and seasonal conditions.

Will Valerian grow in a pot?

Yes, it will grow well in a pot. However it really needs quite a large pot for growth.

How much sun is best?

Valerian thrives when it is positioned in a spot that gets Full sun.

If you find that the leaves start to brown, try moving it in shade, or via versa. Each area can have its own peculiar conditions.

Best soil type

Best soil to grow Valerian

If you are growing Valerian in Perth, you’ll find that it prefers a moist, but well-drained loam and will be very happy with it.

You can find potting mix that will do that just fine, or add some to your garden bed before planting.

Watering can for herbs

How often should I water?

Valerian needs Regular watering. There are self watering pots available if you plan to grow it in a pot, or you can just get in a regular habit of checking the soil each day or two.

When can I harvest Valerian?

You can harvest Valerian at its prime, which is around at full size.

Herb gardening tools

What to propagate

You can plant Valerian from Seeds, and place each plant around 10-20 centimetres apart.

Frequency in growing Valerian

Valerian is a Perennial herb.

Did you know?

Here are two interesting herb facts that you may not be aware of.

Fact 1: You can distinguish between spices and herbs by what section of the plant they come from. Herbs come from the green leafy parts of plants.

Fact 2: Herbs have been used forever. They have been important to all cultures since long before we recorded history.

These make growing Valerian in your own Perth yard even more special, in my opinion.

Potted herb

Enjoy growing Valerian in Perth

I hope you enjoy growing Valerian in your garden.

It really is a wonderful herb to grow here in Western Australia, and you will also enjoy that it saves you money from buying dried versions or fresh (expensive) cuttings from the shops.

I hope you found my guide useful, enjoy growing your own!

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