Pick Your Best: Different Roofing Materials for Distinct Climates

Nowadays, there are so many types of roofing materials that choosing the proper one seems challenging. To pick the best for your roof, you consider the longevity, price, and design of the roofing material. But you overlook the key of choosing the roofing material for your home, and that’s none other than the climate where you live. Roofing needs vary in regions with different weathers.

Roofing materials do impact how buildings and even entire cities handle heating and cooling. And it’s one of the ways to create sustainable environmental interiors. So, before jumping into the shop, read on the full blog. We’ll be discussing different roofing materials for distinct climates. You can choose the best one based on your region’s climate.

Best Roofing Materials to Install at Hot Climate Areas:

If you reside in the soaring summer temperature area, then you’ll need a roof that will not absorb heat and draw it to your home. And renowned asphalt and wood shingles will not help you to deal with triple-digit temperatures. Metallic roofing is an ideal choice for such areas. Apart from this, here are the better options, which you may like to choose for the hot climate.

#1. Clay Roofing

It is a popular shingle amongst the homeowners living in the hottest regions. Though it is more expensive, it can beat the heat as well as the wind. For your extra information, this clay roofing is a natural product and is therefore eco-friendly and easy to recycle. In case you are a rustic architectural nuances lover, then clay roof will be an attractive choice for you.

Additionally, bear in mind that installing it requires rigorous training and exceptional tools, so do not try to do it yourself. We would suggest you call an expert for the same.

#2. Rubber Roofing

It is the best alternative to good looking terracotta and slate roofing materials. Like clay, rubber roofing is produced by recycled materials that will help you to make your home energy-efficient. The only difference is that it’s affordable than clay roofing. It can better protect your home from heat, and that’s the reason it is well-known for its insulating capabilities.

Consider it as a drawback or warning; you will find extreme difficulty if you’re working on it in the summer as it will be hot to touch. But keeping this information aside, it will draw heat into the house, and that’s more important for summer like climate areas.

#3. Terracotta Roofing

For decades, many homeowners are using Terracotta roofing due to their cold nature. They are very durable and can stay in optimal condition (that to long). By installing terracotta roofing, you’ll save yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. The benefits aren’t over yet! They will enhance the exterior of your home while keeping its interior coolness as they are quite attractive.

You can even efficiently cut the terracotta tiles to prevent your house heats. For that, you need to contact professionals as they know well how to leave small air pockets between tiles.

So, did you get an idea of which material type you would choose for your home? Wait…hang on! The hunt is not yet over. You also need to check on other things before saying yes to the one. We have listed down other factors for you, so read that too.

Best Roofing Materials to Install at Snowy Climate Areas:

Many states not only experience drastic drops during winter but can also be subject to things like snow, high winds, or snowstorms. You need to take care of this especially in home renovation that add value. To maintain your home’s structure, you’ll need a roof to withstand all these things, also keeping your home insulated and warm. Some of the perfect options are as follows:

#1. Metallic Roofing

It is known as the best material for snowy areas. They are rust-resistant as well as waterproof. You don’t need to worry about the hurricane-force winds after installing metallic roofing at your home. They play a significant role in such situations due to their wind-resistance feature, which you’ll not find in most shingle roofing.

You’ll get a solid metal surface, which will prevent algae growth. If you live in such an area, then choose the light-coloured metallic roofing because it will reflect enough light to your home. Though it will cost more than some other materials, it would be worth spending some extra pounds.

#2. Concrete Roofing

With heavy elements involved, this concrete roofing is the second-best choice for snowy areas. You’ll be surprised to know that concrete tiles can withstand winds of up to 193 kilometres per hour. If you want to instil a traditional look to your home, then a concrete roof will help you to do the same. They look like terracotta or slate tiles.

Generally, the most effective one for your area may be the ‘S’ shaped white tiles, as it will reflect heat. Plus, it isn’t that maintenance-free as the metallic one, so you’ll need to hire a roof cleaning company occasionally. They’ll remove filth from it, helping you to restore it to its original condition.

#3. Slate Roofing Tiles

It is one of the oldest yet eminent roofing materials for snowy regions. Its flat tiles help them to stay despite heavy winds. If you want best-looking roofing materials for your snowy area, then merely go for slate roofing, it will also add value to your home. The only pitfall with this material is you need to pay a fortune to get it installed.

Though it comes in a variety of colours, we would recommend you choosing a light grey or earth tone to reflect heat.

Other Factors to Consider While Choosing a Roofing Material:

  • Longevity: Your roof is the costliest investment for your home. Therefore, when you choose it, consider giving the nod to the one which will last longer. It shouldn’t be the one that will require frequent maintenance, repair, or replacement. Also, keep in mind that it’s tricky to do the repairs yourself. Before taking the challenge, learn the risks of DIY roof repairs.
  • Cost: The price of different roofing materials varies because of its brand and quality. The best quality would cost more (that’s quite obvious), but it will last long. So, while purchasing your roofing material, we would advise you to go for the best.
  • Aesthetics: The roof is the main element of your home, also the first thing which your guest will look on. Hence, it should give you aesthetic pleasures. While buying the type of material, go for the one which will complement your home.
  • Material Weight: While picking the roofing material, check its weight. It shouldn’t outweigh your home’s structure as its heaviness could impact your structure. So, opt for the type of element that would complement your home, not overburden it.

To Wrap It Up!

Metallic roofing is the one which is well-suited in all the conditions. Whether it is about climate, longevity, cost, aesthetic or material weight, metal roofing would be the best option for you. But still, you can have a quick chat with a roofing company and think about it once more. They’ll recommend the perfect material for your home after using their knowledge and experiences.

In the end, you can also consider your needs and housing style to determine the “best option” for your home.

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