Five of the Best Interior Design Trends for 2020

Decorating your home may seem easy however it’s not as simple as it looks. There’re plenty of things you need to be mindful about while getting new furniture wallpaper or even plants. And finally our top 5 of 2020 interior design trends are here!

Here’s a guide of some of the best interior design trends for 2020. Which ones do you feel you’ll adopt this year?

Colour of 2020

Inspired by science technology and nature “Neo-mint” is the colour of 2020! A gender-neutral colour with a fresh tone the neo-mint aspires to connect futuristic developments to nature. It’s the perfect tone and provides warmth and relaxation to your interiors.

You can use neo-mint in a sofa accent chair rug or any other furniture. It’s relatively easier to match with various shades of colour. You can combine it with other coastal colours as; coral sand wood and sky blue.

Geometry is bolder than ever

This is seriously one of my favourite interior design trends for 2020. Geometric patterns have been around for a long time however now they’re going to have a dramatic presence. By incorporating geometric patterns in furniture wallpaper or tiles you can easily make a bold statement that will impress everyone! Even your grumpy neighbours!

Organic textures

Rich and organic textural expressions will be the theme of 2020 designs For your furniture and finishes you can always go for velvet upholstery linen curtains stucco walls and jute carpet.

These materials will give your home a rich and organic texture. And speaking of furniture; Classic style will make a massive comeback with a little bit of a retro touch.


The eco friendly interior design may actually bring a more refined look to your house. Sustainable and environment friendly approach to design and architecture continues to rise in 2020. As an eco friendly person, that is always fantastic news for me to hear. The housing and building industries have some of the worst carbon footprints on the planet, which we are working on fixing.

To incorporate sustainable eco friendly design you can always go for more plants let more sunlight in and don’t forget to use natural materials! Try adding a hint of glamour and luxury by introducing bronze gold and chrome metallic elements will give your interior spaces a much more nuanced modern finish.

And you can always combine this metallic look with the good old velvet.

Velvet is in, baby

Retro is back with the last of today’s interior design trends for 2020. Velvet is a trend we are carrying over with us from 2018 and it still stays strong. Don’t hesitate to look in second hand shops for velvet pieces; remember that saving money is also a goal this year.

Try out using velvet in rounded cornered and egg-shaped furniture to embrace that retro style.


We’ve come to the end of our list of interior design trends of 2020, however don’t forget that this list was just a guide for you every person has their own style. When decorating your house remember that it’s your space and yours only If you like the look of something don’t just discard it because it’s not on our list!

When it comes to personal style there is no wrong or right. Enjoy making your home what it is, and comfortable for you and your family.

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