8 Awesome Mindfulness Tips for a More Focussed Life

In this article, I’m going to be sharing my top mindfulness tips for increased positivity and focus with you. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Mindfulness is often used as a therapeutic technique. When you are more mindful there’s so much more appreciative and grateful for the life that you’re given. These following eight tips are things that I find to be really helpful.

They may not all work for you, however I definitely think you should give them all a try because you might find something that does.

Practice meditation

One of my favourite mindfulness tips, is to practice daily meditation. I think meditation gets a pretty bad rap, especially among young people. They think it’s what old monks in some faraway country do. However honestly if you haven’t tried meditation, you should definitely give it a shot.

It works wonders and it’s so calming and it’s just great. Now, meditation can be hard for some people so there are apps that can help you with that. I would recommend Headspace. This is an app that has ten days of free 10 minute meditations so you can definitely try that out.

Do Yoga

Next in my favourite mindfulness tips is to do yoga. I definitely think that this has impacted my mindfulness the most and it’s almost kind of hard to describe. I practice yoga almost daily, I think yoga is amazing for mindfulness. You really become in tune with your body, and you learn to move slowly and deliberately.

I found that even in my day to day life when something gets thrown at me that would normally stress me out or make me angry, I’m just so much more able to approach it in a calm manner and you know relax, let it roll over my shoulders and move on.

Write a journal

Another tip is to journal. I think that journaling is a great way to really get in tune with yourself. It’s great to do yoga and to meditate and really think things out. I also feel like it’s really important to write these down, because it almost makes your thoughts more concrete in a way.

I have several journals actually and you don’t have to go as a gung-ho with me. Recently I’ve been trying to record my dreams. I don’t know if this completes mindfulness, however I think it’s kind of fun.

Schedule some you time

Next in my mindfulness tips is to try to take 30 minutes of you time every single day. I think it’s really really important to develop a relationship with yourself and you might think like I live with myself, I know myself. However, how much time do you actually spend alone with your thoughts? With no other music or distractions, any type of social media?

I feel like for a lot of us that’s a really really small portion of our day. Your you time can be based on your interests as well. Maybe you could take 30 minutes to paint every day or just relax and meditate or try enjoying going on walks. You know get to know yourself, find out your likes and your dislikes and really think about your dreams and like what you want to do with your life.

Go airplane mode

My next tip is to put your phone in airplane mode at the end of every night. I go to bed at roughly the same time every night because I like to have a routine. What I’ve done is I set an alarm on my phone to go off and just as airplane mode and then when that comes on, I just put my phone in airplane mode and what this does is it turns off all data on your phone.

This means you’re not receiving any new notifications, I think this is super helpful because when you wake up in the morning and you turn your alarm off, you don’t have all of the notifications and temptations to immediately go to the Internet and immerse yourself in the lives of other people.

You’re really not missing out on anything because you can turn your data on after you relax a little in the morning and all those notifications will still come in. You’re not missing anything important, you’re just allowing yourself to have a little bit more view time.

Read more books

My next mindfulness tip is to read more books. Reading was such a huge part of my childhood however I feel like nowadays as we’re being driven to focus more on technology. Kids are reading less and less books and even now it’s kind of sad because it’s hard for me to sit down and actually read a book.

I really don’t think it matters if you read a fiction or nonfiction book. Just taking that time to pull yourself away from the internet and social media and just let your imagination create the images of the words that you’re reading I think is really great.

Reduce social media

My next tip is a suggestion for those who find that they are really addicted to spending time on social media and it’s to download a mindfulness app. There are several out there on the market. I tried one called Moment and what Moment does is it records the amount of time that you spend on every app during the day.

I found this to be really enlightening because some people don’t realise how many hours they spend on their phone.

Enjoy the outdoors

My last mindfulness tip is actually to get outside. I think so many of us spend our days trapped inside,  however I’ve noticed when I have the most profound thoughts and when I feel most myself is when I am outside in nature with the sunlight and a warm gentle breeze.

Even if it’s just a walk to your mailbox to get your mail every day or you know, running or jogging around your neighbourhood. I think it’s really important that we all stay in touch with nature and it helps you feel more centred, and more grounded and just more in tune with the world.

In Summary

The above are all of my mindfulness tips on how to live a better life. I really think that mindfulness is important and as you mature in life it’s really great to have the sort of established routine of mental health and taking care of yourself versus constantly focusing on all of crap going around in the external world.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you try out some of these mindfulness tips. They’ve definitely helped me to become a more positive person and I hope they can positively impact you as well.

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