Everything You Wanted To Know About Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

There is a usual common denominator for most individuals who require a calming and relaxation of the body and mind. This denominator is usually receiving massage therapy. Even in remedial massage, a calm and relaxed feeling is enjoyed after undergoing the massage process.

Depending on the needs of the patient or prescription of physicians, there are a whole spectrum of massage types to choose from. Exploring the topic of massaging is usually quite interesting as it not only provides an overall knowledge but also helps us know what we’re getting into in whatever massage type we choose.

Despite the several massage types available, this article is targeted at reviewing the Lomi Lomi massage therapy by considering its definition, important things to note before undergoing this massage type, what to expect with this massage type and its benefits.

If you’re eager to dig into this topic, let’s dive in!

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

To fully understand what Lomi Lomi massage is, it is important to note that the word “Lomi Lomi”  is not english. It is a word in Hawaiian and Samoan vocabularies and it means to knead, to rub or to soothe.

We can say Lomi Lomi massage is one that involves long, gentle strokes stretching seamlessly from one part of the body to another. The gentle repetitive strokes used in this massage type helps to relax the muscles and also keeps the mind fully relaxed. It follows a principle of working with the body, mind and soul of an individual to provide calm.

Despite the soothing nature of this massage therapy, it’ll interest you to know that it was formerly forbidden in Hawaiian lands. How and why was this? Well, to answer these questions, we’ll dive into a little history.

The history of Lomi Lomi

In ancient Hawaii, each village has its own Lomi Lomi expert who everyone in the village trusted. This individual must have gone through extensive training with regard to this art. Without fully mastering this training, the trainee is not allowed to touch a patient.

There are several techniques used in Lomi Lomi therapy ranging from communicating deep into the bones to using techniques that soothe the golgi tendon. Lomi Lomi massage as a massage therapy type is not restricted to specific technique but changes depending on timeline.

In the 1800’s, there was an illegal overthrow of the then Hawaiian kingdom by a coup d’état against the Queen. After this overthrow, practicing sorcery was banned and Lomi Lomi was considered sorcery because some chants and prayers were offered during the process so it was stopped.

We still enjoy the benefits of this soothing therapy because lucky enough, records of the procedures were preserved over time.

In recent times, there is now what is described as “ modern Lomi Lomi”. This Lomi Lomi type does not rely on chants and prayers. Instead, it relies on a relaxed mind space and gentle repetitive touch.

What does having a Lomi Lomi massage feel like?

Mostly, you’ll be made to lie flat on a firm handcrafted mat, a massage table or a regular comfy mat. This gives the therapist easy access to body parts and keeps the patients comfortable. A thin towel would be used to help you keep your modesty and remain comfortable all through.

Before the massage process begins, a moment of no action is observed with the therapist’s hand resting on your back. In this period, the therapist says a little prayer concerning the therapy about to take place and for healing.

The therapist begins working the body parts with repetitive strokes. Sometimes in Lomi Lomi massage, rubbing different body parts is usually done. This takes the mind off a single body part and helps it relax more.

Your limbs would also be stretched and joints rotated as well.

During your massage process, you may hear your therapist hum at some point. Not to worry, this is completely in line with the massage process as it helps them stay in touch.

After undergoing this soothing massage process, you’ll enjoy a calm and stable mind and a relaxed body. There is no better feeling!

Things to note before going for your massage

Just like with every massage session, there are certain boxes to tick before going for your Lomi Lomi massage session and these boxes are expressed below.

Before going for your massage session, ensure that you avoid taking alcohol. Massage helps to remove toxins from muscles meaning alcohol would leave muscles to blood and would stay in the bloodstream for extended periods.

Try to avoid makeup while going for your session and also try tying your hair into a bun. The oils used during massage could be reactive with makeup or hair.

You may not have the luxury of putting on as much fabric as you’d like during the massage. Even at this, be rest assured that your modesty will be preserved all through as you’ll be covered with a towel or you could bring some with you.

The therapist would also ensure that you remain comfortable all through.

Since oils are used during the massage session, you would need to have your bath after the session. Try to create as much time as you can for your massage session.

Finally, make your medical state clear to your therapist, especially your pregnancy status as you wouldn’t want to disturb the developing creature in there.

Having ticked all these boxes, you can be sure to have an enjoyable massage session.

Benefits of a Lomi Lomi massage session

By engaging in a Lomi Lomi massage session, you stand to gain a whole lot of health benefits of the massage, some of which are stated below.

A Lomi Lomi massage session would further enhance the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body.

This goes without saying. Engaging in this sort of massage session helps to keep the mind relaxed and the body refreshed.

With Lomi Lomi massage, elimination of body toxins are accelerated.

If you desire a clear state of mind, improved concentration and an overall healthy mind. You’ll enjoy all these after your massage session.


Lomi Lomi massage provides a gift from Hawaiian heritage to the world. It not only ensures bodily well-being but gives us a chance to enjoy a part of Hawaiian’s rich history.

If you choose to relax via massaging, it is surely a massage type you should explore.

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