How to Market your Australian Business using LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the top five social network platforms globally, and is an ideal platform for marketing your Australian business.

Let’s discuss nine effective LinkedIn marketing methods to grow your Australian business and personal brand.

Start with your LinkedIn company page

Having a LinkedIn company page allows you to showcase your achievements, highlight your products and services, show thought leadership, and build your external credibility and community.

Just like a Facebook page, creating an effective LinkedIn company page is free and easy to set up.

Optimise your personal profile

If you want to be found on LinkedIn easier, you will want to optimise your profile with keywords that are relevant to your role, industry and brand. You should sprinkle these keywords throughout your profile, whilst making it look natural. Try adding them in places such as your experience, summary and interests.

Proudly display your work

No matter if you are a large brand or simply a one person show, it is always a great idea to display some of your recent work. This could be done via photos or in written word, using Pulse, which will explain shortly.

Visit profiles of potential customers

You can use the search facility to find people in specific geographic areas or roles. By doing so, and visiting someone’s profile, they often get a notification stating that you viewed their profile.

Often people will then take a look at your profile as well – I certainly do this regularly. This will ultimately lead to greater exposure and potentially even collaborative opportunities.

Try out native video

LinkedIn recently added the ability to use native video within e platform, and from all reports, it is being highly engaged with. Give that a go next time you plan to write a status; speak to your phone camera instead.

Monitor who is looking at you

As I mentioned in point 5, people often look at who is looking at their profile. When you get a message that someone did, go take a look at theirs in return. If they do look interesting, send them a connection request. They obviously are open to it, since they already looked at your profile.

Join relevant LinkedIn groups

An often overlooked feature of LinkedIn is their Groups section. You can easily find and join various groups relevant to your industry. Once you have become a member, you should be an active participant in discussions to show your credibility and virtually network in a way. This often helps you by enhancing your reach and visibility.

Write posts using LinkedIn Pulse

This is an excellent tool were you can write lengthy posts within LinkedIn, in a similar interface to typical blogs. By creating specific content tailored for LinkedIn users, you can grow quite an audience. You can also write shorter versions of your most popular external blog posts and link to your blog. This will highlight your thought leadership and will grow your audience.


So there we have it, the above nine very effective ways to market your Australian business using LinkedIn. Make sure to add this to your marketing plan and give it a go in the year ahead.

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