7 Suitcase Packing Hacks to Make Travel Stress Free

I would never say I actually enjoy packing, however after over 1,000 flights, I feel like I have developed some handy luggage packing knowledge.

So before you next start throwing items haphazardly into a suitcase, consider these following tips.

Mark that suitcase

Not really a packing tip, however since I tend to use generic looking black suitcases, I have found tying a small ribbon to the handle means I can spot it on the luggage conveyor belt.

This saves airport stress and the embarrassment grabbing someone else suitcase by mistake.

Preparation first

Before you even open that suitcase, lay out everything you are taking with you. Work out the outfits you will wear, and plan for all those chargers, cables and toiletries.

If you plan what you will wear each day in advance, you will find that you pack less, and have less stress. Bingo!

Start with large items

Always line the bottom of your suitcase with the strange shaped and bulky items first. This means bags, books, shoes, chargers and other large items first. These heavy items help distribute weight in your bag, and will build the foundation.

Pack your shoes

One of my favourite packing tricks, is to stuff any pairs of shoes with your socks, underwear and belts. This packing hack saves you some serious suitcase space and it really helps to keep your shoes in shape.

Roll those tees

Tightly roll any jumpers, tee shirts and other non-delicate garments to fill any gaps between the larger items. This may sound a little weird, however if you roll your clothes instead of folding it will prevent creases more effectively.

Tissue paper is gold

Another one of my favourite packing tips, is to use tissue paper between any delicate clothing. This really helps protect silk dresses, blazers and business shirts like nothing else. Just spread out a layer of tissue paper, lay down your dress, add another layer of tissue paper in the middle and then fold to finish.

A handy outfit

Since once being caught in a strange city for 24 hours without my luggage, I have learned to carry a spare basic outfit in my hand luggage. In case your checked-in suitcase ever gets lost, you will have at least some fresh underwear and t shirt to change into at the airport.

BONUS: Keep backup power in carry on

Consider buying a small backup power bank, and carry that with you in your carry on. This is so useful for long flights, or if yu get separated from your luggage for anything longer than 6 hours or so.

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