5 Most Common Male Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

In this article, we are going to talk about the five worst male skincare mistakes  and how you can fix them. When it comes to our grooming and hygiene habits, our skin in general and our face in particular are the most vulnerable and the most obvious areas where our mistakes and lack of good habits show up.

Now, when it comes to usual skin problems I’m talking about breakouts, acne, dry skin, blemishes and a lot of it can easily be blamed on poor genetics or bad hormones. Yet the truth of the matter, is most of the time it is our fault because we’re not taking care of our skin, and we just don’t have the proper hygiene and grooming habits.

I’m going to give some easy simple solutions to help you have the healthiest skin possible. Let’s get into the five skincare mistakes us guys are making, and more importantly how we can fix it.

Male skincare mistake number one is not washing your face properly or often enough. Here’s the thing, especially for active guys throughout the day we sweat and that grime and dirt can accumulate on our skin. You don’t wash it off, what are you going to get clogged up pores and resulting in breakouts and acne. Make sure you’re washing your face at least once in the morning and again at night.

However don’t overdo it. If you wash it too much, you strip your face of your natural moisture.

Next on our list of male skincare mistakes is not maintaining a proper diet. The thing is our skin is our largest organ and one of its main jobs is eliminating waste, and it does that right through the pores. When you’re maintaining a poor diet, the toxins that you’re ingesting have to be eliminated through your skin and naturally the worse the foods that you ingest, the more they manifest and show up in your skin and your complexion.

The first type of food you need to eliminate, to help improve your skin those processed foods and sugars. These are harder for your skin to eliminate, and they can cause breakouts, so you got to get rid of those cupcakes, chocolates,  white rice and alcohol.

You’re also going to have to chill out on consuming too much caffeine or alcohol. These dehydrate and dry your skin. Dairy has been shown to affect your skin’s healthiness as well. Your skin needs to be moisturised. Not drinking enough water means that you’re going to be dehydrated.

You should eat more fruit and vegetables and cut down on the bad stuff, your skin will love you for it.

Third of our male skincare mistakes is lack of sleep. Over night, while you’re sleeping, your bodies rejuvenate especially your skin. Every cell in your body while you sleep rehabilitates, repairs and rejuvenates itself. Especially your skin as a matter of fact, your skin has the highest turnover rate of any cell in your body.

One of the great results of that optimal seven to eight hours sleep and you wake up in the morning, your skin will be brighter and tight. As well as making sure you’re getting a proper amount of sleep, other things you want to do is wash your face. You don’t want to sleep overnight with the dirt you’ve accumulated during the day.

Remember to change those pillowcases and sheets regularly. Over time, dirt accumulates on them making your face unhealthy.

Skin care mistake number four is not having a good basic skin care regimen. Here’s the thing, this is easy to fix. First up, wash your face twice a day like with the cleanser. Secondly, exfoliate twice a week. This helps eliminate the dead skin that can accumulate. Thirdly, you must moisturise.

My fifth and last of our male skincare mistakes is stop touching your face with those dirty hands. Neither I nor your skin knows where those hands have been. Touching your face is an easy way to cause dirt to build up and cause breakouts.

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