Why Senior Fitness Is So Helpful During COVID-19 and Beyond

The benefits of physical exercise and making it a part of our daily routine is not a secret. There are many studies out there that provide scientific evidence to back the statement. Doctors and researchers also highlight the importance of physical activity and fitness in our lives, especially as we grow older.

But Coronavirus had a serious impact on our exercise routines and daily lifestyle. Given that one of the most effective ways of curbing the spread of the virus was social distancing, a global quarantine and lockdown order was announced worldwide, heavily impacting people getting active.

We were confined inside our homes for months to stay safe and keep others safe, affecting the mental and physical health of adults significantly.

Older adults are comparatively more at risk of developing serious health complications due to an inactive lifestyle, and the pandemic did not help. With advancing age, senior fitness levels decline significantly, along with mobility loss and limited functional independence.

However, with supported independent living and home care services, it is possible to keep the elderly physically active even with the lockdown.

The importance of senior fitness became all the more paramount in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and aged care services did their best to manage the situation.

Importance of Physical Fitness During COVID and Beyond:

According to the Better Health Channel, approximately 1 out of 10 Australians over 50 years of age exercises adequately to get any benefit from it.

As people age, they become less active, with people over 65 being the most affected. For these people, physical activity is crucial for maintaining independence and reducing the risk of health conditions.

Several home care facilities offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to the elderly. You can easily take their help to keep up with your fitness. Contrary to the belief, the human body is resilient and can respond to physical exercise at any age.

Here is how physical activity for seniors helped them during COVID and continues to do so even today.

Benefits of Senior Fitness During and After the COVID Pandemic:

Reduced Risk of Developing Health Issues

Older adults with a daily exercise routine tend to have better blood pressure, enhanced digestive and immune systems, and bone density. There is also a reduced risk of developing diabetes, gaining weight, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and some cancers.

Better Sleep

Physical workouts will help you sleep better and improve your sleep cycle. A proper sleep cycle is important for everyone, especially seniors.

As you get older, sleeping an adequate number of hours becomes vital for maintaining overall wellbeing and good health. Sleeping and waking up early will keep you energised and refreshed.

Prevents Loss of Bone Density

Human bone density tends to decrease as we get older. Women post-menopause lose 2 per cent of their bone density every year. It has been reported that strength training counters this loss and maintains proper bone density.

Stronger bones not only help in maintaining balance but also reduces the risk of fractures from falls. Senior citizens can live independently by lowering the risk of injuries and falls. Various home care services conduct personal one-on-one physical activity classes for seniors, which has been quite beneficial for senior’s health during COVID.

Prevents Chronic Diseases

Senior fitness is crucial in enhancing immunity and thus protects elderly against several chronic illnesses, including diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, and much more.

You can reduce the symptoms of chronic health ailments by engaging in moderate physical activity as prescribed by a licensed trainer. Physical exercise will also keep your cognitive senses sharp.

Improves Overall Mood

Several studies, including a 2019 study, have found exercise beneficial for the mental health of 65 years and older men. The researchers reported that the study participants found workouts quite invigorating and enhanced their overall mood.

In simple terms, physical exercise is beneficial for easing depression or anxiety and is known to relax people significantly.

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to anyone, especially older adults. In light of this, senior fitness should be given even more importance. Home care and aged care centres are dedicated to providing senior citizens with these services. Contact your doctor or search online for your local senior fitness centre.

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