What Is Bach Flower Therapy and What Does It Do

As terrestrial beings we are subject to the laws of development and decay, of life and death. We think of ourselves as mortal beings, however at the same time we carry the awareness of our divine, immortal nature; our entire life is spent trying to unite the transient and the eternal.

The universal prime cause, called God by religion and Energy by science, manifests itself as life in the human body, e.g. creation and development (growing). As long as we are in harmony with the spiritual aspect of our human development, we feel that our lives are meaningful. However if we stop developing, we feel disappointed, depressed, ill.

Health and sickness are mutually exclusive concepts related to every level of our being, not only our physical life, however also our immortal soul. Vitality aims to reach perfect health, which is only possible when there is harmony between the different levels of existence of the human being.

There is no final destination in our lives, there is only a process of development; we can only transform and use the Power, which seeks to expand. As humans, it’s up to us to transform the Power, giving it new qualities (with our imagination and awareness). Just as the air flow passes through the flute to create melody, the active power within us must transform into harmonious manifestation of life.

Our inner law is the form this power transforms into. The more easily and harmoniously this happens, the more meaningful and healthy our life is. Illness occurs when obstacles emerge and real life no longer corresponds to our inner capacity and needs. Imagine a destructive vortex, caused by the appearance of an obstacle in free-flowing water. The same thing happens when feelings are blocked or distorted.

This is why Dr. Bach pointed out the necessity to remove the blockages caused by negative thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns forming our personality, in order to free the way for our inner harmony and growth. The effect of these Bach flower therapy remedies is to raise our vibration and to open the channels of communication with our Inner Spiritual Self, to flood us with the special virtue we need, to wash away the harmful blockage.

Like beautiful music which inspires and uplifts us, they can lead us closer to the peaceful soul and relieve us from suffering. They do not cure by attacking the illness however by flooding our bodies in wonderful vibrations from our Inner Self, in whose presence illness don’t able to exist; it melts like snow in the sun.

There is no real healing if the attitude is not changed, if there is no peace of mind and joyous emotion

Bach flower therapy treats the human as a whole, physical problems are related to the spirit. The choice of flower remedies is based on the individual way everyone reacts to different situations in life. The purpose is to heal us not only by overcoming the symptoms, however also by making us happier and more balanced people.

This is a unique system known for its harmlessness and wide applicability not only for medical conditions, however also in every-day situations. The effects are soft and no violent reactions to the treatment are observed. Combines well with other healing methods. Effective for a wide range of medical conditions, as well as for dealing with different life situations – starting a new job, moving to another city, loss of a friend or relative, separation, examinations, stress, fatigue; it’s good for self care.

Also suitable during pregnancy and childbirth, for babies, children – weeding out the negative aspects of their personality. For people oversensitive to drugs. The beneficial effect of the therapy on the spirit naturally leads to significant improvement in the physical condition and eventually to complete healing.

Dr. Bach says: “Flowers are a remedy given by the good God to all living beings so that they can benefit of them”. Do not focus on the physical ailments, however on the aspects of your personality. Every colour emits a sort of vibration, which can cure a certain discordance in our personality and turn it into something positive, developing our potential.

Dr Bach wanted to create a healing method that could be used safely by anyone, so Bach flower therapy was born. That’s why his cures can be used not only by doctors however by everyone for self-treatment, because everyone knows themselves best. Of course we just need to be honest to ourselves.

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