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No Travel, No Worries. Transform Your Home With Outdoor Furniture

No Travel, No Worries. Transform Your Home with Outdoor Furniture

It’s that time of year! A time for festivity, where families come together to celebrate the big events like Christmas, where we all crack open the BBQ lids, the bottle tops, and where we catch up with family and friends.

With COVID on everyone’s minds in 2020 and overseas travel well and truly off the cards (apart from perhaps an NZ travel bubble), people have been flocking to outdoor furniture stores to upgrade their outdoor areas like you wouldn’t believe.

With people unable to spend up big on overseas holidays and with severely-limited domestic travel, people have been spending their spare cash on styling their homes and boosting their home entertainment systems. One of the biggest winners from this is the furniture retailers. There’s one big problem however, which we’ll get to later in this article…

Trending Outdoor Furniture in 2020

With a truly huge range of styles available from retailers around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we are spoilt for choice. There’s something for everyone’s budget and something for every outdoor area, small or large. So, let’s take a look at the top trends this year in 2020.

Cuban modular outdoor furniture
Cuban modular outdoor furniture

Wicker Lounges

Wicker lounges are some of the most sought-after pieces online and in stores right now. They put to shame those old-school outdoor settings, with premium comfort, aesthetics and longevity. Most wicker you see in shops isn’t ‘real’, it’s synthetic – but we actually prefer this, as the colours and textures look absolutely incredible, while also keeping the price reasonable.

Outdoor bar setting
Outdoor bar setting

Outdoor Bar Settings

Outdoor bar settings have skyrocketed in popularity. Perfect for a casual lunch, drink or catch up with friends and family. We’ve even seen some bars with a built in tub for your ice and drinks – Aussie innovation at its best!

Outdoor Dining Sets

Of course, traditional outdoor dining sets never go out of fashion. This year, there’s a huge surge in purchases for stunning white and dark settings. These dining suites are usually made of aluminium so they’re light weight, durable and have a high-quality and stunning finish.

Outdoor dining furniture
Outdoor dining furniture

So what’s the problem this year?

One word, stock. Stock shortages are plaguing many industries. You’ll know, that if you’ve tried to purchase furniture, you could be in for a 16+ week wait! We’ve tracked down one of the best Outdoor Furniture stores in the area and guess what – they have plenty of stock. Unlike other stores, this store appears to keep every item in stock, ready to deliver.

They get rave reviews and have some of the most stunning outdoor furniture pieces we’ve seen. Check them out online at www.ofo.com.au

So if you’re like most people, wanting to travel, but spending more time at home, it’s probably time to makeover your outdoor area. Let us know what you plan to do during Spring and Summer this year.