Top 10 Jewellery Trends for Men in 2021

When it comes to fashion, men have fewer alternatives. Although it is hard to differentiate the look of one man from the other while walking on the roads and in parks, they can be unique. This can be achieved by adding to your look well-defined components with the aid of our top ten Jewellery trends for men.

1. Colours for Jewellery

The stereotype that some colours are meant for girls while others are for men is now vanishing as men now have embraced colours. They now wear jewels with colour details or purely coloured accessories to look stylish and outstanding in a crowd.

This is becoming a trend that will control men’s fashion. For example, the rose gold which has been mainly consumed by women in the fashion industry is now stylish to men likewise, bold and outgoing men are ready to try out the colour palate of jewels.

2. Wearing necklaces with layered outfits

Men are creating impression on passersby by putting on their neckpieces with layered outfits. It has become stylish nowadays and you wouldn’t want to miss it. They mostly get this inspiration from the red carpets and fashion weeks and their favourites celebrities.

It might be however difficult to find an outfit that goes in hand with your necklace, but this is the uniqueness you are looking for. You may steal a show by coming up with a playful look by styling an attire with our necklaces. This is by far the simplest trend you cannot afford to miss.

3. Cooperation of ornaments

Again, women have been dominant in the fashion industry especially in beautifying their jewels, but that is not the case now. Men’s fashion industry is expanding and they are now acing their looks with embellishments in their necklaces, bracelets. By this, they can create unique looks with every new pair of cloth they wear.

A slight ornament to your accessory can lift your look from nothing to something significant really quick. Make yourself bold with Gemone’s Diamond twined anchor bangle with back diamonds.

4. Wearing personality-driven men’s jewels 

Today some bold men are ready to experiment with jewels and wear them without fear of being judged. This might bring out sophistication to some people while to others boldness. Regardless, it brings a sense of fashion that scares away stereotypes.

Men are now wearing their personalities by playing with patterns and designs to match their personalities. They have also gone for purely handmade customised items that resonate with their personality. Get trendy with our customised men’s accessories. Many celebrities have worn it and you will fall for it. 

5. Complex Details in Designs of Men’s Jewellery

Although men have several designs and patterns of their accessories, complex designs are now becoming trendy. The men’s fashion industry is now creative and they have intricate patterns and designs. Moreover, the artistic nature of men has contributed to the dynamic change of these patterns.

Wearing accessories with their casual outfits such that it is not too much or too basic just classic is the trend right now. You can try this amazing trend by opting for Gemone’s Diamond cuffed bracelet from our website. You will love it absolutely.

6. Leather bracelet with metal details

Today, men want Jewellery as opposed to the past.  Men are acing the look with leather bracelets. If you look around everywhere, at workplaces, boardrooms, on the streets these bracelets are the hot thing being worn by almost every man.

The availability of Jewellery in different designs and patterns has allowed men to even want more designs. There are many designs to fit people’s preferences and occasions. At our website, we have that you can get to trend with your fellow men.

7. Details on the neck

While necklaces are popular than ever, today it is not just a simple necklace. Men are stylish with ball neck chains and chains with a dog tag. They make it even more interesting by adding on the chain pendants, metal beads, and leather.

Furthermore, these necklaces are engraved with words of their liking hence personalising them. This has become a trend worth jumping into. You can complement your style by checking out the variety of necklaces we have on our website.

8. Matte black 

Besides colours, men are now trending with black matte accessories. It seems to have stolen the show. From bracelets to earrings to rings, men are now going stylish with black. Check out our chain bracelet black matte. It is light and has a curb chain design that will be comfortable on your wrist.

It can also be adjusted easily without harming. It is super trendy and affordable. It is a limited edition, so make sure you grab yours from our website now, to dine with the trend.

9. Watchband ring

I’m sure you have not missed seeing a man without a ring that looks like a watch band. This is a stylish trend now you do not want to be left out. The ring is pretty comfortable on the finger and stylish. The trend is new, and every man right now is hopping on it.

We have a few of them remaining in our stock, place an order with us to book yours available in gold, silver, and in whichever metal you will choose.

10. Tubular earrings

Men are now being stylish with the tubular earrings which were initially consumed by ladies only. It comes in different colours and metals of your preference. Several male influencers have been seen wearing tubular earrings and you cannot afford to miss the trend. Being one of the best Jewellery brands for men’s earrings, we would not want you to miss this trend. Check out the Gemone Diamond website for such.

In conclusion, no matter what piece of accessory you are wearing, you need to have the confidence to complete your stylish look. Remember that Jewellery is a way of expressing yourself but not a way of standing out of the crowd. Hence, you should wear what is comfortable for you.

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