Tips To Unpack And Organise Your New Home

Moving is always a stressful experience. The day you move into your new home, there are so many things to do and worry about that it can be overwhelming. With the right tips from us here at Careful Hands Movers, you will have a much smoother moving process and an easier time unpacking and organising in your new space!

We compiled our best tips for packing up all of your belongings, unloading them into your new space with ease, then getting everything organised just how you like it. Our goal is to make this one of the most effortless transitions possible for you!

Packing Is Accurate For Unpacking

Plan and try not to pack too much at the last minute. You will be less stressed if you know exactly what it is that needs to come with you from your old home. Pack clothing items together by category (e.g., socks, shorts) so they are easy to find when unpacking in your new place.

Keep on hand supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, tape while moving day happens and buy more as needed once there; this way, everything can stay clean and dry throughout the move process.

Unpack Children’s Bedrooms And Nursery First

It would help if you unpacked children’s bedrooms and nursery first so they can feel more at home. In this way, you will also set up their rooms right away with the previously stored furniture or delivered later on.

Consider Renting Boxes And Supplies Online

You can rent boxes and supplies online without even leaving your house! Compared to purchasing these items from a store, there are plenty of websites where it is easy enough just sign-up and complete an order form; then everything arrives at your doorstep via mail service all ready for use.

You could have received them as soon as 24 hours after completing your purchase. The advantage of renting over buying is that when we finish unpacking our new place, the boxes and supplies are returned to your previous location.

Just like any other moving process, there is a time for packing up those belongings you wish to keep in storage and storing them elsewhere until it’s time to move again or get rid of them completely. This is an essential step in organising your future moves because they still take up space even if they’re not bulky items!

Organised Electronic In Priority

Unpack electronic items like Fridge, TV, AC and Washing Machine, because these all are necessary for your daily life.

Organise Your Kitchen

Clean up all the kitchen utensils and place them in a convenient location for you to access them when cooking or storing food items. Make sure you have enough space on countertops, shelves, and pantries, so there’s no need to stack things together or take valuable time searching through piles of cabinets to find what you’re looking for!

The last thing any cook needs during meal preparations are additional challenges which might lead to more messes than anything else.

Organised Closets & Drawers

Closets and drawers can be messy too because they get cluttered with clothes, shoes among other items. When you unpack, it’s essential to have a designated space for each item. This will save you time during the earlier stages of unpacking, where you need to put everything away in its proper place while still keeping an eye on what needs attention next.

A walk-in wardrobe can become more chaotic than anything else when clothes are allowed to pile up whenever they like without any room left for new arrivals! If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – there are easy solutions that ensure everyone maximises their closet storage potential.

Arrange And Assemble The Furniture

If you are familiar with your new home spaces, then you will most likely know which furniture pieces live in what rooms. If you are not, this is the perfect time to assemble all of your new home’s components and place them where they belong.

At Careful Hands Movers, we provide professional movers who have years of experience packing up houses and moving people across Australia. We pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring that every customer has a pleasant move no matter how long it takes.

Hang Pictures And Photos Early

If they are hanged on the wall, they will not take any space, so this is the perfect way to start creating your new home in no time. Unpacking them and hanging them on the wall is less time-consuming, but if they are on the floor, it takes up a lot more space, and your other work will take time because of that.

Start With Your Bedroom

Typically considered the “heart” of any house, starting unpacking in our bedroom will give you a sense of accomplishment as soon as possible after getting back into your newly purchased property. If you’re not sure where everything belongs, ask for professional advice from Careful Hands Movers.

Leave the heaviest items until last. This will make unpacking easier on you and your team of professional movers at Careful Hands Movers. Heavy furniture is a lot more challenging to move around, so it makes sense to leave these items out in order before moving them into their fitting rooms by lifting easily accessible boxes off the floor first.

If there are any fragile or delicate objects, they should be packed up separately from other lighter and heavier ones which can cause potential damage during transit.

Contact Careful Hands Movers For Unpacking

If you are moving your office or your house, our professional Melbourne removalists are here to help you with packing and unpacking services. So call us at 1300 724 553. We are an affordable and reliable interstate moving company with many years of experience. Our staff is highly trained and professional. We are providing insurance for your move.

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