How Tattoo Trends and Designs Have Changed in the Modern Era

In this modern era, everyone loves tattoos. But how did the trend of tattooing start? Well, whether it is U.K., America, Spain, Japan or India, every country has its own history of tattoos. Most of us might think that tattooing is something recently invented in modern times. But, it’s not true. May the techniques have changed and new designing developed in the modern times but the tattooing as its own decades long timeline of how it developed and changed over time.

While there are a wide range of reasons why individuals get tattoos and similarly, the same number of explanations behind why they pick the design that they do. There is by all means some relationship to the decisions that they make with the decade that the individual is living in and with significant world events that are happening. Thus, there are specific designs that appear accordingly to age and become trends.

Let’s see how these trends and designs changes in the modern era:

Tattoos of the mid 1900s

In the start of the twentieth century, tattoos were still particularly seen as something that was just done by sailors, lawbreakers, or circus entertainers. Generally, tattoos were covered up in the underside of society, kept to only for circus performers and naval yard workers.

Thinking about this, it should not shock anyone that the tattoo designs from the year 1900 to 1920s comprised of nautical, religious and patriotic designs. There were numerous anchors, crosses, and regimental seals to be seen on those courageous people that decided to hold up tattoos.

Tattoos of the 1930s

The time during the Great Depression denoted the start of the end for the adverse light where the vast majority saw tattoos. In these years they were not seen as something that only performers and naval workers hold but became a household sight. This was to a great extent because of the presentation of social security numbers.

The US government run campaign to emphasise the importance of new numbers, so thus, numerous people started having them inked on their bodies to always have access of these numbers.

The greater part of these tattoos was simple and comprising only the number in dark ink on their arm. Some additionally inked a devoted picture, for example, a falcon or an American banner. A few people even had their blood classification inked close by their social security number. This is the period when tattoo parlour had seen an increase in number also.

Tattoos during the 1940s

In the beginning of World War II, tattoos were again utilised as a method of showcasing patriotic love and pride and numerous people decided to have their nation banner or military badge inked on their bodies.

This is also the time when ladies started to get tattoos on their body – for example, Betty Broadbent. Betty was an “inked woman” and gymnastic performer in a broadly perceived circus. Her broadly broadcast appearance demonstrated the world that ladylike excellence came in various structures.

Tattoos of the 1950s

Tattoos appeared to have become undesirable during the 1950s because of an ascent of moderate culture and mentalities, undoubtedly in light of the finish of World War II and the arrival of men to the working environment and ladies to the function of homemaker. Tattoos were again seen as asset of criminal component, for example, ex-cons, bikers, and gangsters.

Tattoos from 1960’s to 1990s

Huge cultural changes came to fruition during the hour of the Vietnam War. At that time, tattoo design seen on sailors and fighters were in angry sentiments, for example, “Great Cong, Dead Cong”. The social equality development and the sexual revolution also opened up the world to accepting tattoos with open mind.

A convergence of capable tattoo specialists with a foundation in expressive arts achieved a critical change to the universe of tattoos during the 1970s. The presentation of more included and complicated pieces, for example, full sleeve tattoos and body suits, instead of the more modest and less included bits of the past help to create more interest in tattoo business.

Thick, dark line tattoo plans, for example, the Celtic knot got famous during the 1980s. The introduction of the tribal tattoos also and showcased by the ‘Tattootime Magazine’. The birth of MTV and mass media drew limelight on tattoo culture through celebrities.

In 1990s, the time bring a new generation of tattoos widely famous with feminism, tribal tattoo and a music genre. 1996 was the year which saw an increase number by 60% of tattoos bore by women.

Tattoo trends over the years
Tattoo trends

Tattoos in modern era

After the 2000s, tattoo culture and business saw a drastic change. Nowadays people can ink tattoo in whatever design they want. From small sized to full body tattoo everything has changed. An endless designs and most famous tattoo artist present in the world.

We can call it an evolution in tattoo world. From past generation to modern, there are numerous changes modern tattoo world has seen. Now, they are not restricting by few persons only or a special class. Anybody who wants to get inked can enjoy his/ her design on the body. Whether it is religious, symbol or any other body craft, this art is giving endless scope to the tattoo designers.


Tattoos which were only limited to some specific classes and designs over the generation changed a lot. In this modern time, you can see nobody hesitating from inking over body. But one must follow the tips before picking the tattoo parlour for getting a best one.

Thus, the modern time is for the golden time for tattoo lovers and designers.


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