Why Australian Electricians Are Suggesting Energy Efficient Bulbs

Energy-efficient bulbs are the most common type of bulb, which is the first choice for many electricians working on the lighting of the house. Do you remember the last time the electrician came to your house to fix the light at your home? Did he suggest any changes in your choice of light?

Most often, a professional ask to switch to more energy-efficient lighting capable of providing the same light at an affordable price. Popular types of bulbs available in the market are incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen, and light-emitting diode (LED). With the passing time, however, energy-efficient bulbs have gained impetus over traditional bulbs.

The reason why electrician prefers and recommends this energy efficiency is more than one. The primary reason is that these bulbs can last 3 to 25 times more than a traditional bulb. Not only that, but it can also save approximately 25% to 80% energy.

You can get these bulbs in various colours and light levels. As per the electricians, everything about this bulb is ideal for a consumer. The unique features of the LED or CFL bulbs are discussed below to make the right choice.

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Bulbs:

Reduced Heat Emission

It is a common practice to call an electrician to change a bulb or lighting fixture. The reason being a traditional bulb emits maximum heat compared to a LED bulb.

If you try to change the bulb by yourself, you can get injured by touching the surface of the traditional bulb. So, electricians recommend using LED bulbs that emit less heat and have reduced chances of an accident.

Energy Saving

You will notice a constant demand for lighting at home, which requires a fair amount of energy. Traditional lights like incandescent or halogen are sources of light, but it does not last over some time.

Simultaneously, the LED lights with energy-efficient lighting technology consume less energy and last double the time of a traditional light fixture. Electricians always recommend checking the energy stars before purchasing the product. According to them, these stars reflect the manufacturing efficiency of the bulb.

Reduces Electricity Bills

This factor is a big boon for residential customers and saves additional office expenses. It is common for an electrician to hear complaints from consumers about high electricity bills.

Many electricians always encourage their clients to use LEDs to deal with this problem. It is indeed a valued piece of advice from them, as it mitigates the higher electricity tariffs. A LED bulb can use a tenth or less wattage to light up the indoor and outdoor space of your house, without increasing the bill.


If you are a person concerned about environmental hazards, and then this highly efficient lighting is ideal for you. These energy-efficient bulbs can reduce both local environmental pollution and global GHG emission because it is vital merit in today’s time and age.

Such eco-friendly product is perfect for reducing your home’s or office carbon footprints. A home that uses energy-efficient bulbs will save money in the long run and emits less pollution.

Longer Lifespan

Frequent calls to the electrician to change the lighting fixture or bulbs can be troubling for the consumer and the electrician. Gone are those days when traditional lightings needed replacement after a few months. Now, most of the consumers are more informed and opt for LED bulbs or fixtures that can give more service at the cost of less consumption of energy. They also produce less heat and less dangerous.

LEDs are more expensive, but they save money in the long run because they last a long time and have low energy to use. It can be concluded that an electrician prefers LED lights for multiple reasons.


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