6 Essential Tips to Rank Your Site in Australia

It’s no doubt that if you’re living in Australia or any part of the world, you’d want the traffic from your locality on your site first before you start targeting internationally. However, if you’re outside of Australia, you could benefit better from its traffic as it’s considered one of the best with potent purchasing power and higher conversion rates, among other benefits.

Ranking your site in a foreign country is easier imagined than done. It requires extensive targeting and knowing important trends and culture to cater to the traffics’ needs. However, there are several ways and places you can use to start targeting the Australian traffic and get a good response. The following tips are here to serve this purpose best:

Localise Your Efforts

Everything you had been doing to market your site, make sure it’s more localised from here on. This includes all your SEO efforts, ad placing, and even getting a domain with an Australian extension.

First of all, create a claim for your Google business if you have a location in Australia and contact information to start getting increased local traffic. Advertise the company on social media, search for localised keywords, and use country-specific websites and search engines to enlist your site.

Get Ads on Multiple Channels

Australian audience is nicely distributed over several channels on the internet. It won’t be difficult to find and target them as they can be found in common places like Google search engine, YouTube and Facebook. In fact, YouTube is the second most used for searching videos in the country, so it’s only best to invest in highly profitable YouTube ads Australia to get better results.

However, other than these common places, you can narrow down on the most used government and other websites to place your ads on to get the desired traffic. Make sure to pick sites according to your niche and target channels that have potential customers for you. Do your homework by visiting Google.com.au and conducting local research on top-ranked sites to follow their example and place your ads.

Check Google Trends

Google trends is a helpful tool like several others provided by the company to manage and analyse your marketing strategies on the worldwide used search engine.

It is a great tool that can help you gather information on your keywords and topics to choose according to the location and the latest and ongoing trends. This can be fairly useful in planning your keywords according to the traffic you wish to receive from Australia or any part of the world as trends greatly differ from one country to another.

Create Highly Targeted Content

Targeting and getting leads in a specific country or city can be easier than you think. All it requires is a persistent effort to create and distribute content for that audience alone. You can cater to the needs and interests of a single audience with similar traits that is a lot easier.

However, this also includes getting a deep understanding of the Aussie culture and language to curate high-quality and targeted content. This will require some research and adaptation to the interests through studying. Get to know the readability factors and standards used in language to construct or alter the content. Dot forget to add country-specific keywords and the name of the nation in Meta titles and descriptions.

Register to Local Directories

Google takes a lot of information from a website and its whereabouts on the internet to show on the SERPs to view it according to the data on it. For this reason, not just your content should highly country-specific, but your site should be included in directories that register Australian businesses ND websites for the local readers.

Hence get your site up and listed on Google business and several other guides and forums for it to be recognised and viewed as Australian based. Conduct PPC activities on quality Aussie forums and groups to get knowhow and involved in the culture and acknowledged by Google.


Backlinks still play a vital role in the ranking of websites with the sites they are linked to. For this reason, you need to start putting in some effort searching up popular Australian websites and get them to link to your site naturally. Ensure quality links and not focus on quantity as Google dislikes spam and blocks websites with these superficial performances.

You can provide guest posts to some of the promising Aussie bloggers or start commenting and rating out to sites with high DA and like niche to get good backlinks.

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