5 Things to Bear in Mind When You Have PVC Pipes for Plumbing

PVC pipe is an extremely reliable, durable material used in the sewer system, but just like other pipes used in plumbing, under certain conditions, damage can also take place. So what are these conditions that contribute to a bad-quality PVC piping?

Keep on reading to get an idea of how you can detect these problems with your PVC pipe before it gets to its point of failure.

Improper installation

A common issue with PVC installation is evident when a job is carelessly or hastily completed, commonly happens in plumbing installations with tight timelines. These rushed installations can lead to significant consequences for property owners. Known issues associated with installation problems are too much pipe cement used to glue the pipe and the fitting. PVC pipes absorb the pipe cement, but excessive amounts make the piping lose its physical integrity.

Insufficient adhesion will also make the connection weak, resulting in leaks within the joints. So if you happen to have a PVC pipe installed in your homes, make sure to take this into account and let the expert do the installation to ensure your PVC pipes will serve its purpose for a long time.

Freezing pipe damage

While plastic pipes can put up with limited freezing better than some metal pipes, it can be compromised when surrounding temperature hits 20 degrees Fahrenheit. A PVC pipe that remains exposed to freezing temperatures for a prolonged period makes the pipes brittle enough to crack or break; This is also a danger that you need to look out for during winter as ice can begin to form and gradually blocks the pipe. The blockage can cause water pressure to accelerate until the pipe ruptures.

Water damage caused by a burst pipe is expensive. To avoid dealing with this situation, wrap pipes with thermal insulation or heat tape. You can also seal all your windows that let cool air in and manage to set your thermostat to no less than 55 degrees when you are away.

Excessive sun exposure

Sun releases invisible radiation called UV light, and like many plastic pipes, PVC is affected by exposure to this radiation which results in discolouration. The surface of the pipeline first loses its gloss, developing to chalking and finally discolouration. What makes this nothing-to-cry-over problem is that it stops when exposure ends and avoided by painting it with UV-resistant paint.

While a significant reduction in its impact strength occurs during intense exposure, in most cases, it will not be enough to warrant the pipe’s ability to withstand water pressure when properly installed. So before any significant damage can take its place, safeguard it from sun exposure or better yet use metal pipe in above-ground outdoor plumbings.

Joint leaks/Misaligned joints

Leaks on PVC pipes commonly come about along seams and joints that are usually a repercussion of a poor installation, where fittings were attached too tightly or not tight enough. Other times are due to excessive or too little pipe cement used to fuse the pipe and the joint. Epoxy putties and pipe repair bandages are used to repair leaks.

But, to achieve a lasting result, you need to contact a plumber. A permanent PVC pipe repair usually requires cutting the pipe, and placing new replacement parts and couplings or redoing the entire pipe section. Unfortunately, you can’t separate the joints to replace the leaky parts, and this is a job that requires proficiency to avoid errors.

Improper use of the piping system

PVC pipe is proven long-lasting when properly used. However, lacking care of the piping system leads to failure. For instance, the pipe system’s excessive exposure to freezing temperatures without proper freeze protection; This is the number one cause for pipe collapse. Another example is when the sun beats down on unprotected PVC pipes, such as stormwater downpipes, or sewer pipes exposed above ground, bad things can also happen.

On top of this daily wear and tear of plastic pipe can also cause it to breakdown, specifically when frequent clogs occur inside the pipeline. These clogs will make the PVC pipe take the beating until it finally gives in. If the cause of clogs is a build-up of oil, fats and grease, pouring hot water melts it, but this can also put the pipes and seals in danger for melting.

Issues with PVC sewer pipes can range from minor to severe, repairable to complex. Most of these problems have a low failure rate and are only because of a hastened installation, or installation done by non-proficient contractors. Therefore, these issues require proper handling to ensure they are fixed right and done right.

This is where getting a PVC expert like those that offer PVC pipe relining services comes into play.

In Summary

Why are PVC Pipe Relining companies the best people to handle PVC sewer problems? In conclusion, a well-planned and well-installed PVC sewer pipe system is less likely a work you need to deal with, but where severe issues are at hand, you need to contact the expert to handle the job.

To ensure they are fixed right

Whist issues on PVC sewer pipes are relatively easy to fix when you need to deal with severe problems such as leaks and blockages that have gone out of control, you need to get it fixed right at the source by the professionals. It is to ensure that the problem is fixed without consequences. Pipeline relining companies can pinpoint the exact location of any defects on the pipe and has all the tools to carefully put an end to the problem without mess and digs.

To ensure safety is observed

Sewer pipes carry household waste from showers, washbasins, and baths that made it subject to thousands of bacteria and germs. These germs and bacteria have health and safety repercussions for property residents and the community when a lack of proper training and qualifications work on sewer pipes.

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