Choosing the Right Internal Staircase: Here Is What You Need to Know

What is the purpose of the staircase at home? Its purpose is to provide an easy means of moving between low to a high level. It usually connects two rooms. One is social, and the other is personal nowadays before staircases were used to cover the distance between the ground level because old homes were usually single storey. Building an internal staircase is not cheap so careful preparation is a must.

If you are looking for new staircase construction at your place, here are some secrets that will help you choose the right staircase for your home.

Secrets you should know before choosing the Internal Staircase

The Stairway’s Functionality

Before investing a considerable amount for the staircase, know what its functionality will be? It would be best if you use it frequently, going up and down every day. The ladder should be comfortable and made up of cement or wood and must have a railing to give proper support to the user.

If there are no kids at your home, then you opt for floating glass stairs as internal staircase in your bedroom’s path. And if your stairway is for the living room, then it maybe you will prefer a sleek design for that. If you have a separate space for the staircase, you can go for the staircases’ traditional design.

Weight of stairs

While selecting a staircase, always consider its weight into count. The massive staircase made up of cement is suitable for homes. If you need a staircase for small spaces, go with light-weighted stairs made from glass or wood. Massive stairs are useful when you have to use it often and have to take heavy weights through them.

Components of the staircase

The stairs’ components are also important, which has to be in mind while choosing the staircase. It depends on the stairs that is a closed staircase or an open staircase.

Every ladder has a step which is composed of a riser and tread. The thread is a part of the stair on which you ride. And riser is a vertical section between two steps. Riser can miss in the open staircase. Then another component is a stringer, which is used to support the riser and tread. And winders are the steps that are narrower at one end of the step. These reused to change the direction of the stairway.

A staircase has fencing which can be of any material like wood, metals, or glass. The sweeping staircase has a component in the middle called a Banister.


Before setting the final internal staircase at your home, take a correct measure of height i.e number of steps, riders’ size, and the width of threads. Look at the stairs you will give the height of railings and proper installation of all stairs’ components.

Pros and Cons of Material used for Internal Staircase

Choose the sturdy material for the stairs like wood or metal as glass is fragile, and cement looks boring. Wooden stairs look great and take less time to build, lightweight, and safe for household purposes. But these stairs are costlier than cement staircases and gets weaker by time. If you choose metal stairs made of steels or wrought iron, you benefit from shaping it by your interest. Metal has a longer life than wood. But they are costlier than wooden stair frame.

Here are the secrets and hacks of choosing the right internal staircase for your place. Follow them and have the best suitable staircase with an attractive design.

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