6 Things to Consider When Choosing Professional Cleaners

With an increasing demand in keeping your offices or houses clean and sanitary during these unprecedented times, many people are opting for professional cleansers and professional cleaning companies to do the work. Working women today barely have any time to handle the household chores like cleaning. And when it comes to offices, the tidier your workplace, the better reputation you build. This will also boost the productivity and efficiency of your workers and employees. 

Thus, hiring professional cleaners is one of the best investments you can make to ensure a clean and sanitised workplace. But at the same time, one must also be aware of what factors to consider and what questions to ask while hiring such cleansing services. 

To get your answer, keep reading. Here are 6 things to consider while choosing professional cleaners for your house or office:

1. Past experience and reputation

Before hiring the professional cleansers, it’s important to have a look at their past experiences. How long they’ve been working, what different services do they provide, and are they trustworthy? 

Searching online or asking for references and feedback to your friends, family or other organisations they have provided their services to, is an essential move to ensure you’re hiring the right people who know what they’re doing and have been around in the industry for a while. 

A company like Cleaners Bulleen who processes good amount of quality and positive experience is more likely to handle various cleaning needs and services than the ones whose services are limited.

2. Types of services offered

It’s important for a cleansing company to offer a wide range of customisable services. Whether you are looking for deep cleaning services, or general maintenance services, the company should be able to offer it all. Right from carpet cleaning, rugs dusting and cleaning, floor coatings, make sure you know what services you’re looking for and search accordingly. 

3. Equipment and products used

Using right products and equipments is one of key factors cleansing companies should consider to offer excellent services. There have been many reports regarding damage of properties due to toxic chemicals consisting in the cleansing products. One must also note that these chemicals can also harm a human if they interface with that particular environment if not used safely. 

So before hiring, it’s very essential to question your cleansing company about the various products and chemicals they use for the cleansing purposes. 

A professional company will always use chemicals and products which are less harmful and toxic and yet serves the purpose of efficient cleaning. 

Apart from the products, the necessary gears and equipments required for deep cleaning must also be available with the professional cleansers.  

4. Staff/employee training and experience

There’s no benefit in companies providing various services if the ones who’re doing the work are not capable at the first place. Many companies even casually hire independent cleansers with no screenings or background check. 

So it’s important to run through the fact that whether the company has provided required trainings to the staff, what experience do these staff processes and if there are any prior complaints or negative feedbacks from other client regarding staff misbehaviour. 

The staff should also hold excellent communication and listening skills as no one wants to work with rude or ignorant workers. Thus make sure you’re hiring the right people for this process. 

5. Cost structure

Most of the cleansing companies charge less, but that doesn’t guarantee the quality of work that they provide. And other companies charge surprisingly high and fail to provide quality services; only a renowned and professional company will charge based on your cleansing needs. They’ll first check your cleansing needs and requirements and then quote their prices accordingly. Such companies usually don’t have a general pricing structure, as it all depends on your cleansing requirements. 

6. Fully insured

What about unfortunate incidences where the cleansing staff or workers unknowingly damage or break any of your house our office property? Who will be responsible in this case? The answer is, of course, the one who did the damage. Professional cleansing companies provide full bond and insurance, wherein they take entire responsibility of any damage done to any of the clients’ property; whereas you won’t have any legal protection of your property, if you hire a company that does not provide the insurance. 

While hiring the cleansing company, along with other questions, it’s also important to ask whether or not if they provide insurance. If yes, you know your answer. 

Hiring the right and reputed cleansing company can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming as you hand over the process of cleansing your beloved house or office to unknown strangers. But ensuring that these people are trustworthy is also important. Doing thorough research, asking for referrals and feedbacks, asking the right questions and doing all the above-mentioned things, will provide you comfort in the knowing that your house or office is under the right and trustworthy hands.

About the Author

Kelly Gale is a seasoned professional cleaner associated with 365 Cleaners. Kelly brings in years of experience to 365cleaners in terms of –  End of lease cleaning, bond cleaning and carpet cleaning. She has been responsible for making 365cleaners the best carpet steam cleaners in Bulleen. Kelly loves travelling and in her free time enjoys writing and reading.  

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